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  • Official portrait of US President Barack Obama, 2012.

    Photo credit: wikimedia; President Barack Obama.jpg; Public Domain Brand 1.0

  • US President Barack Obama during a press statement in the Dresden Residenzschloss, 2009.

    Photo credit: REGIERUNGonline; B 145 pic-00200268

Obama is the 44th President of the United States and a member of the Democratic Party from 2009 to 2017. He is the first African American to hold this post. During his presidential candidacy he developed into a bearer of hope for many people with his election slogan “Change”. The euphoria subsides when Obama increasingly shows himself to be a real politician.

  • August 4th: Obama is born in Honolulu (Hawaii), the son of Barack Obama from Kenya and Ann Dunham from the United States.

  • Moved to Jakarta (Indonesia) with his mother and her new husband.

    Obama first attended a Catholic, then a state primary school.

    In 1972 Obama returned to Hawaii and lived with his maternal grandparents. Attended the private Punahou School in Honolulu, graduated from high school with honors.

  • Studied at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, then at Columbia University in New York City. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations

  • Engagement as a social worker in several parishes in Chicago's socially disadvantaged neighborhoods.

  • Law degree from Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Obama graduated with a Juris Doctor and a "magna cum laude" rating. During his studies he met Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, his future wife.

  • Obama is the first African American to be elected editor-in-chief of Harvard Law Review.

  • Return to Chicago, Illinois. Obama joins the Democratic Party. In the wake of Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, Obama successfully leads a campaign to register African American citizens.

    He marries Michelle LaVaughn Robinson and they have two daughters, Malia Ann (* 1998) and Natasha (* 2001).

  • Engagement in various socio-political and civil rights organizations. Lecturer in constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School.

  • Obama works for a civil law firm in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Obama's autobiography, Dreams from My Father. A Story of Race and Inheritance, is published.

  • Obama is a member of the Senate of Illinois.

  • Obama represents the state of Illinois in the US Senate. At the time of his swearing in, he is the only African American senator. In 2004 he became known nationally as a keynote speaker at the Democratic Party Congress.

  • February 10: Obama officially runs for the Democratic presidential nomination. In the election campaign he calls for a quick end to the Iraq war, a rethinking of energy supply and better health care for all US citizens.

  • July 24: During a trip abroad, Obama gives a speech that was broadcast around the world in front of an audience of 200,000 at the Victory Column in Berlin.

    August 27: Obama is elected presidential candidate at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado. His fiercest competitor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is giving up her candidacy.

    November 6: Obama received 52.9 percent of the vote in the presidential election and won 365 of the 538 electoral votes. The Republican candidate is Senator John McCain. In addition, the Democrats win a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives.

  • January 20: Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America.

    January 23: Obama revokes the CIA's permission to torture and announces the closure of all secret prison camps and Guantánamos within a year. This project fails. In March 2012, military trials against prisoners in the camps will resume.

    February 17: Obama signs the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a previously unprecedented economic stimulus package with a total volume of 787 billion US dollars to combat the financial and economic crisis.

    December 10: Obama receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to promote international relations, dialogue between peoples and work for a world free of nuclear weapons. The award is controversial.

  • March 25: Obama signs health care reform that will provide health insurance to over 32 million previously uninsured Americans. The reform, which has been negotiated for over a year, passes Congress with a narrow majority and is highly controversial.

    November 2: The Democrats suffer heavy losses in the congressional elections. The Republicans win a majority in the House of Representatives.

  • February 5: Approval of the START agreement together with Russia for a world free of nuclear weapons.

    March 19: The USA takes part in the international military operation in Libya as part of a UN resolution and thus intervenes in the Libyan civil war.

    May: Obama gives orders to capture Osama bin Laden. He was killed in "Operation Geronimo" in an exchange of fire on May 2nd. 33,000 US soldiers are now to be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

    December 18: The last US troops officially leave Iraq.

  • November 6: Obama is re-elected for a second term with 50.96 percent of the vote and 332 electoral votes, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

  • 18./19. June: Obama visits the German capital Berlin for the first time in his term of office. He speaks in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

  • In November, Barack Obama begins handing over office to his successor Donald Trump. This transition phase will end with the inauguration of the new president on January 20, 2017. At the same time, the Obama family will leave the White House, but will initially continue to live in Washington, D.C.


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