How did Barry Allen become Savitar


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Barry "Savitar" Allen is a relic of Barry Allen.


The genesis

After Iris West is murdered by Savitar, Barry Allen creates some time relics to defeat Savitar. Then he withdraws from everything and dissolves the Flash team. Savitar succeeds in killing all time relics, with only one exception. The survivor is not recognized and rejected by the former members of Team Flash because he is not the original Barry.

The rejection and the subsequent loneliness make him bitter more and more, so that he decides to become the god of all speedsters and then gives himself the name "Savitar", which represents a deity in Hinduism. Then he finds the Philosopher's Stone and builds the futuristic armor with which he then travels through the history of the multiverse.

After making himself a legend, he travels back to 2020 to take up the fight against the time relics created by Barry and kill everyone but himself. As a result, the time loop of its existence persists. Barry surprisingly succeeds in locking Savitar into the Speed ​​Force, where he has to endure his greatest pain over and over again. As a result of this torture, his hatred for Barry grew.

Escape from the Speed ​​Force