What do Turks think of Portugal

Greece: The Pointers

Today the pointers live in northeast Greece. They used to settle on the Black Sea in what is now Turkey.

Why the Greeks laugh at them: Athens' second football club, AEK, was founded in 1924 by the Pontic Greeks.

Joke: Jorikas is sitting in the tavern. The landlord asks: "Your glass is empty. Do you want another one?" Then Jorkias: "Well, you are good. What should I do with two empty glasses?"

Italy: The Genoese

Genoa is a city in northwest Italy.

Why the Italians laugh at them: Genoese are the Scots of Italy. They are considered stingy.

Joke: How do the Genoese shower? They set fire to the forest and wait for the fire engine.

Turkey: The Lasen

The Lasen live in the northeast on a coastal strip of the Black Sea.

Why the Turks laugh at them: Lasisch sounds strange to many Turks. In addition, the Lasen are very tolerant - that is always suspicious. The most likely reason for the ridicule: the Las Vegas play the bagpipes.

Joke: The young Lase Temel buys a new BMW in Istanbul. In twelve hours he was in Trabzon. He called his friends in Istanbul: "I'm going back, waiting for me." But it took 40 hours to get to Istanbul. "Why did it take so long," they asked him. Temel: "These Germans! They built in five gears, but only one reverse gear."

Portugal: the Alentejans

The province of Alentejo is located in the southwest of Portugal.

Why the Portuguese laugh at them: The Alentejo is a rural and poor area. Some find the Portuguese of the Alentejans incomprehensible.

Joke: Two Alentejans want to have a coffee in Lisbon. The first one orders at the counter. The man behind the counter looks at you blankly: "I can't help you there, gentlemen!" The second is also rejected. Then he gets angry: "Make us a coffee and don't pretend you don't understand us!" - "But gentlemen - this is not a café, but a bank!"

Spain: The Leperos

Lepe is an Andalusian village that lives from fishing and strawberries. The Leperos themselves laugh about their idiot status and organize a joke festival once a year.

Why the Spaniards laugh at them: A hospital was once built in Lepe without electricity or an access road.

Joke: One lepero to another: "If you can guess how many chickens I have, I'll give you all eleven."

Austria: The Burgenland

Burgenland is a strip in the east of Austria.

Why the Austrians laugh at them: Nowhere else in the Alpine country is the landscape so flat.

Joke: A Burgenlander goes hunting. He puts down his backpack in a clearing and sets off. Then he sees something, shoots and hits. He quickly runs over to it and sees that it is his own backpack that he has hit. He sighs with relief: "Luckily I didn't have it on, otherwise I would have shot myself straight in the back."

Switzerland: The Bernese

The canton of Bern is located in the north-west of Switzerland.

Why the Swiss laugh at them: Bernese speak slowly. That's why many think they're slow too.

Joke: The clock face on a church tower in Bern has to be repainted. "You just can't move forward fast enough," complains the client. "How can you work faster", the painter defends himself, "when the hour hand keeps knocking a brush out of your hand?"

Finland: The Laihians

Laihia is a village in southwest Finland.

Why the Finns laugh at them: "Laiha" translated means "lean". The Laihians are considered skinny and stingy.

Joke: What does a Laihian put on his sandwich? The upper lip.