Why don't you make New Years resolutions

New Year's Resolutions: You Can't Fail With These 7 Tips!

No matter how motivated you are today to implement your good resolutions for the next year - sooner or later a setback will very likely be waiting for you. Most of the time, our new habits crumble in weak moments, when we are tired, stressed, and powerless. An important tip at this point: Always make sure you have a good, restful sleep and, if necessary, have a short "power nap" in the afternoon. If you have fallen back into old habits, please don't let them get you down! Setbacks are normal and in no way a sign of weakness or failure. It is much more important that you do not give up everything immediately after a setback, but get up again and carry on.

Better still: Identify your weak points and trigger points so that you don't run into the same trap in the future. For example, you want to go to the fitness center three times a week - but prefer to stay at home instead because work has stressed you too much. Check here for more details. Why do you stress your work so much? Be as specific as possible! Don't say, "Because I don't like task XY." But: "Because task XY overwhelms me." In the next step, ask yourself why task XY is overwhelming for you. Example: "Because it is difficult for me to reproduce the content of texts. Aha, now we have tackled the problem at the root and can solve it. If you practice your understanding of the text, the stress subsides - and you make it to the fitness center more often.

Especially in the moments when you are weak, you have the chance to grow beyond yourself. If you don't feel like going to the gym again, treat yourself to a pre-workout booster like our TUNNELBLICK 2.2 and get through the training anyway. You will see - after the first 15 minutes of training, the initial lack of drive and listlessness turns into additional motivation, because you have actually overcome your weaker self. And you can be very proud of that!