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Startup space for innovative business ideas

Mahle opens a startup space in Stuttgart for its corporate startups and teams that develop new business ideas in the idea incubator. Promising ideas from the incubator are transferred to their own startups.

The Incubator has been a group-wide program for developing business ideas and an important part of Mahle's innovation strategy since 2017. With the Incubator, Mahle wants to give its employees the opportunity to develop themselves further, to act entrepreneurially and to try out new ways of working.
The startup space will be the workplace of the already established startups chargeBIG and Com4Kids. Further teams are to follow in autumn after their incubation phase has been successfully completed.

Rapid testing of new business ideas

"In addition to classic product innovations, we have opened up a new way for ourselves through the Incubator with business model innovations to diversify the Group's range of products and services," says Jochen Adelmann, Head of Corporate Planning and responsible for the Incubator at Mahle. ┬╗With the Incubator we can test product ideas quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively directly on the market. In our new startup space, we are now bringing all the creative minds of the program together. In addition, the startup space acts as a test laboratory to promote agile methods and new forms of collaboration at Mahle. "

The new premises are located in the Mahle corporate headquarters in Stuttgart / Bad Cannstatt. The open office concept with meeting and creative retreat areas should allow the teams to exchange ideas more closely and to learn from one another.

chargeBIG - efficient charging of e-vehicles

One of the two startups that emerged from the first Mahle incubator in 2017 is called chargeBIG. The startup has developed a scalable, intelligent charging solution for electric vehicles used by day and long-term parkers, which electrifies as many parking spaces as possible at the same time with the lowest possible cost. 20 to 100 or more vehicles can be charged at one location at the same time. Thanks to the intelligent use of the existing energy infrastructure, investment and installation costs remain low. chargeBIG is therefore suitable as a solution for fleet operators, office buildings and large residential complexes.

Com4Kids - climate comfort for the little ones

The second startup, Com4Kids, uses Mahle's many years of experience in thermal management to solve an everyday problem for families: Many children are sweating or freezing in their car seats. Com4Kids has developed an intelligent solution for baby seats and child seats, with which a comfortable temperature is ensured in every season - natural cooling through ventilation in summer and pleasant warmth in winter. In the future, the startup also wants to bring air conditioning for other applications onto the market.

The nucleus for corporate startups

Since the start of the company's own incubator program, around 250 employees from more than 20 countries in Europe and China have taken part and developed several hundred ideas. At the end of 2020, the successful teams of the ongoing Incubator project at European level should also move into the new startup space.

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