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International comparison: Germany's teachers earn one of the best

PARIS. Germany's teachers are among the leaders in terms of income. In an OECD comparison of 39 countries, in which the annual income was converted into dollars, only teachers in Luxembourg earn more than those in Germany, namely an average of $ 79,000 as a starting salary and $ 113,000 after 15 years. In Germany, the starting salary is $ 61,000 and the average salary after 15 years is $ 74,000. This emerges from the current report "Ecucation at a Glance".

Heinz-Peter Meidinger, President of the German Teachers' Association, referred to the "Bild" newspaper ("Krass, how much our teachers earn!") The high teaching obligations of German teachers: "That the salaries of teachers both in the primary area and It is well known to do well in the secondary sector in an international comparison. However, the workload is also well above average in an international comparison. "

OECD director Andreas Schleicher, coordinator of the PISA study, also sees the conditions for pedagogues in Germany as critical - which is also the reason for the shortage of teachers in Germany. Teachers are paid quite well in Germany. Nevertheless, the job is comparatively unattractive: the teachers often have little room for maneuver and they hardly have any time outside of class, so that work in a team is all too often lost. In addition, the job in Germany offers few career prospects.

OECD average: $ 32,000 to $ 45,000

According to the OECD, teachers in Switzerland may have the same starting salary level as their colleagues in Germany, but then it no longer increases. Teachers earn significantly less in PISA-winning countries such as Canada ($ 39,000 to $ 66,000), Finland ($ 36,000 to $ 44,000) and Korea ($ 28,000 to $ 50,000). The average for the OECD countries is $ 32,000 to $ 45,000. The euro zone average is even lower: $ 31,000 to $ 44,000. Teachers in Latvia earn the least - just $ 9,000 both as a starting salary and after 15 years. In Slovakia, Hungary and Poland the level is hardly higher - there the annual salary is between 13,000 and 25,000 euros.

Teachers in Turkey are also hit hard at the moment - not only that their income of 27,000 to 30,000 dollars is below average in comparison. The Turkish lira, in which your salaries are paid, is falling into the abyss precisely because of the gigantic inflation in Turkey - and with it the purchasing power of a teacher's salary. bibo / agency for educational journalism

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