Working open offices

Room-in-room systems in the office: concentrated work in open offices

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Effective use of rooms through room in room systems office

Create open spaces transparent processes and direct communication across all hierarchies. The group dynamic experiences through the simplified Teamwork a new potential. Also the possibility to change the place for certain work, spontaneous teams to educate and to motivate each other brings about completely new achievements.

In order to drive innovation and stay competitive, it is important to communicate spontaneously, Cooperations and to provide a suitable framework for teamwork. Just like privacy, social contacts are a basic human need and a prerequisite for the productive development of the company.

On the other hand, the advantages of multi-space workplaces also have a number of disadvantages that should not be underestimated.

  • The low level of shielding from colleagues leaves little privacy.
  • The ability to concentrate suffers. Modern knowledge work demands a high level of concentration. The volume of information that each individual has to process is increasing at breathtaking speed.
  • According to numerous studies, many employees want a place where they can concentrate and work without external disturbances.
  • A closed room is also useful for meetings and group work, not least to avoid the fragile quiet in the open space from being overused.

Room in room systems office: The key to success lies in a balanced room concept and a suitable one Room-in-room concepts, a sensible mix between the quiet in a separate, secluded room and the open space with colleagues.