What is the national dish of Yemen


Yemen has a very old culture and tradition and this is also evident in the food. There are, however, differences to the countries of the so-called Middle East, because Yemeni cuisine is influenced not only by Arabic but also by Indian cuisine. So the kitchen is simple and should fill you up. It also has a certain sharpness. However, it is not quite as spicy as the cuisine in India.

Beans for breakfast

Otherwise, many people in Yemen simply eat. Is eaten frequently Ful, a pulp made from broad beans that is also available in other Arab countries. This porridge fills you up and is often eaten for breakfast. Plus there is flatbread, the Pitha called.

The national dish in Yemen is Saltah

The national dish in Yemen is called Saltah, that is a kind of stew or soup made of lamb, chicken or beef, vegetables and potatoes or rice. There is also a very hot spice paste. Bread is also served at Saltah.

There is also a lot of fish on the coast and there are vegetables such as beans, lentils and eggplant. Spices such as cardamom, caraway seeds, coriander, which tastes a bit like soap, are also popular saffron, a spice that gives food a yellow color. Fenugreek is very popular in Yemen.

A city with a name like a coffee

The mocha Incidentally, the name comes from Yemen, because a Yemeni city called Al Mocha (mocha), which was once important for the coffee trade, gave mocha its name. But Yemenis prefer tea to coffee, even though it is grown in Yemen itself.