Which products live up to their hype?

Guaranteed success: 5 sneakers that lived up to their hype

If the mainstream was always right, magazines like this probably wouldn't be needed. But as long as songs from the Crazy Frog are chartered in several countries and seasoned men in German TV productions wear tight, torn, white trousers on Chelsea boots, we can be certain that true coolness hovers under the radar - at least most of the time. (Also Read: These Are The 10 Biggest Men's Fashion Trends In Summer 2021)

Because sometimes what everyone is already celebrating is not so successful without a reason. For example, why are A $ AP Rocky, Ramen Noodles and Chucks so hype? Quite simply: they are great! And that's exactly how it is in the world of sneakers. Just because so-called hypebeasts increasingly wear a certain type of sneaker does not mean that it is automatically uncool. Today we're going to show you five sneakers that are so good that no hype in the world could destroy them.

Fragment Design x Nike Air Jordan 1

If you were to send a hypebeast to an island alone, be sure: he would pack at least a pair of Jordan 1s. The model created by Peter Moore in 1985 was the start of what is arguably the most successful franchise in the Nike Hostorie: the Jordan Brand. But although 32 successors have already appeared, the Jordan 1 remains the most popular silhouette.

Almost seven years ago, Hiroshi Fujiwara launched his interpretation of the basketball silhouette with his label Fragment Design. The release took place at the time via the NikeLab and was completely sold out within a minute. The sneaker currently achieves top values ​​of around 3,500 euros on the third market - and rightly so! We can understand that sneakerheads are extremely celebrating the colourway hybrid of the “Royal Blue” and “Black Toe” with the little lightning bolt on the heel. Not least because of the high-quality leather and the good workmanship by Jordan standards, the Fragment Design x Nike Air Jordan 1 would end up in our shopping cart at any time - provided the price tag is right.

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low "Yellow Lobster"

Not all hype has to be mainstream. Within the sneakerhead bubble there are collectors who are willing to invest a fortune to get hold of the rarest models. What is meant are sneakers that never saw the light of day and were only given away to a select group of friends and designers. When these sneakers reach the free market, we're talking about prices that could easily finance a new car.

One of these releases is the “Yellow Lobster”, which was created in cooperation between Nike SB and Concepts from Boston. However, if you want to get hold of one of the only 34 pairs, you have to dig deep into your pockets. In April of this year a pair was sold for around 33,000 euros - roughly the value of a new car or ten fragments x Jordan 1. And even if these prices seem astronomical: the shoe itself is a piece of jewelery that is second to none.

The concept behind the “lobster” idea was applied to the shoe in a virtuoso manner down to the last detail - from the tablecloth pattern inside the shoe to the strap on the toebox, which is supposed to be reminiscent of the lobster's scissor straps. Fortunately, such details are also available cheaper in models like the “Purple Lobster”, so that even if we like the shoe, we don't have to sell our organs for the rarest of all lobsters, but can also wear the same concept on a less rare colorway. (You can also find more exciting sneaker releases that you cannot miss here in the GQ Trend Radar.)

Yeezy Boost 350 "Turtle Dove"

In 2015, whether it liked it or not, the world witnessed the takeover of power by the three stripes - led by the newest and fastest horse from the stable of direct opponents: Kanye West. At that time, the rapper left Nike because he was not given the freedoms that he was entitled to as a serious deisgner. Adidas gave Yeezy his freedom and Yeezy gave Adidas a success story that has never existed in the history of the three stripes.

The first Yeezy Season was led by the two models Yeezy Boost 350 and 750, the former being the more popular. Oh ... and how popular he was! The hype about the model went so far that the various forgeries alone became a billion-dollar business. At some point the shoe itself was so hyped that you automatically had to assume that it was a fake. A frustrating development especially for those who took part in campouts for the sneaker or paid large sums of money.

But even from today's perspective, we have to say that the combination of Primeknit upper and Boost sole as well as the “sock construction” of the sneaker, which was completely new at the time, are really big movies. Not to mention the comfort! Despite the overhype image, with this model you get an all-rounder that fits all occasions and harmonizes sportiness and fashion as smoothly as hardly any other sneaker.

Sacai x Nike LD Waffle

When it's Fashion Week in Paris, the whole world watches. Runway shows have often been used to announce upcoming collaborations and large projects. In 2018, Virgil Abloh presented his first collection with Louis Vuitton and despite celebrity guests and an emotional walk-off, the sneaker highlight this year came from Japan: Chitose Abe and her label Sacai showed their new model with Nike at their show.

From then on, not a month went by in which fans from all over the world did not ask about the hybrid of the Waffle Daybreak and LDV models. Almost a year later, the first two colourways hit the market - and almost everyone had to have them. In the meantime, the chances are pretty good that pretty much every sneakerhead who has a weakness for eye-catching models has at least one version of the sneaker on their shelves at home.

Of course, we also buy limited-edition sneakers because we want to stand out from what is usually worn on the streets. But in the case of the Sacai x Nike LD Waffle, we clearly have to lower our heads and admit that in recent years there have only been a few sneakers that are even remotely as exciting, adventurous and at the same time as pointed as the model by Sacai . Therefore, any hype regarding this shoe is completely justified.

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner

At the end of this hyped list comes a model that outsiders probably completely misunderstand and cannot explain resell prices that were ten times the retail price. To understand the Foam Runner from Adidas' Yeezy franchise, you have to know the current zeitgeist of the streetwear scene. Because without Corona, the foam runner would probably not have the fame that it currently enjoys.

Due to the pandemic measures, the home office became the new stage for your own outfits. Many don't see walking around in pajamas every day just because they have to stay home. But at the same time, sneakers actually belong on the street and are comfortable in your own home, but by no means optimal. This is how “homewear” became an essential part of the local streetwear scene.

The heroes of the new comfort came from Suicoke, Subu or Crocs. The latter in particular enjoyed increasing popularity, not least due to collaborations with Post Malone, Chinatown Market and Justin Bieber. Precisely because of their “anti-aesthetics” fueled by youthful Internet culture, the crocodiles advanced to become anti-heroes of the homewear movement.

In this sense, the Foam Runner is an exaggeration of this phenomenon coupled with the sportswear expertise of a centuries-old veteran. Kanye West has often understood how to interpret pop culture correctly and to first announce and then revive trends over the years. We predict: as soon as the silhouette is available in different colorways and availability that make current resell prices obsolete, almost everyone will wear a foam runner in their home office - including us.

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