Long distance relationship ever stops

Are You Making These 5 Mistakes In Your Long Distance Relationship?

You are in a long distance relationship and you are with it sometimes really unhappy?

You wonder if your long-distance relationship is at all make sense and sometimes even think about ending your long distance relationship?

But you cannot explain to yourself why things are not going so well at the moment and why the whole thing doesn't work that wayas you actually imagined it.

Then it may be that you a few mistakes that just complicate your relationship unnecessarily.

The good news is that these mistakes can be avoided and you can actively work on them so that you and your partner can achieve one happier relationship despite the distance.

In this article I want to give you a few examples of what Mistakes many long-distance couples make frequently.

At the same time, however, I'll show you a way how to easily avoid these mistakes so that you can have a happier long-distance relationship.

All you have to do is give me a few minutes of your attention.

So what are the most common mistakes long distance couples make?

1. You don't take any more time for yourself

A long distance relationship takes a lot more time than you think. You are probably in contact with each other very often, over Whatsapp, at the phone, above Skype or other long distance relationship apps.

Then of course there is also the reunion, which often lasts a whole weekend.

During the week there is usually little time for yourself.

A conversation via WhatsApp can namely take a hell of a lot of timebecause text messaging makes it harder to get what you want to say to your partner right.

Often you have to describe a statement that you could actually explain with one sentence on the phone with a lot of messages so that the other person understands what you want to say.

Often the constant communication suffers own free time and you don't get around to doing what you actually enjoy doing.

Maybe sometimes you even do without it in the evenings with yours Friends to eat out or yours Hobbies like doing sports or music.

And all of this just to spend several hours writing with your partner on WhatsApp or talking on Skype.

Regular contact is still important

Please don't get me wrong, I don't mean to say that you should stop communicating with each other. But on the contrary.

TheCommunication is in a long distance relationship very important and you should definitely keep in touch regularly but yours own well-being you shouldn't neglect by doing this.

One solution would be, for example, half an hour every day or set the hour in which you communicate with your partner. But then intensively and preferably by phone or even better via video chat. My insider tip is the distance dates for long-distance relationships, which can ensure intensive and in-depth conversations every day.

This way you can say what you actually want to tell your partner much more easily and do not try to explain it for two hours via text message.

The time you save yourself can then be used for yours own interests use. And believe me, that can be a lot.

Enjoy being alone now and then, take time for yourself, look for new hobbies, friends and don't let your head hang down. The worst thing you can do is bury yourself at home and sink into self-pity.

2. You do not trust your partner and are jealous

As in any normal relationship, trust also plays a very important role in a long-distance relationship. A mistake that often happens in a long distance relationship is that you can meet your partner insufficient confidence gives.

Yet it is often the case that it is no reason at all not to trust one's partner but there is simply a fear in many of us of being abandoned or betrayed.

jealousy is a common problem in long-distance relationships and it is of course made worse by the fact that the partner is not with you.

I know the feeling of jealousy very well and I've learned a lot from it. The good thing is that jealousy can be avoided. For this I can highly recommend this book by Rolf Merkle, which has helped me.

He goes into the subject of jealousy from the ground up, describes why people are jealous and how that can be avoided.

I often had this while reading "Aha" effectbecause I recognized a lot of behaviors and traits.

Get rid of doubts and jealousy

With less jealousy, the ability to deal with his Partner trust to give. Therefore, fighting your own jealousy is arguably the first step when you don't or can't trust your partner.

Most of the time it is not your partner's fault, but you, because jealousy and a lack of trust usually take place in your own head.

If you trust your partner to the extent that you have no problem with meeting other women or men and that you give each other a lot of freedom and each other not restrict, then you are on the right track.

Believe me, it is a long-distance relationship where you trust each other and are not constantly jealous much more pleasant and so one can endure the separate time much better.

3. You want to make up for everything you have missed in a short time

You likely won't see your partner all week. In many long-distance relationships, the two partners do not see each other at all for several weeks or even months.

It is then clear that theanticipation on the next time together, the greater it is.

However, one mistake that is often made is to spend time together to do too much and still too perfectionist ideas Has.

You probably always imagine the reunion beautifully and totally romantic in front. It certainly is most of the time, but often things don't turn out as planned.

It can't be perfect

It will never be perfect and it shouldn't be. Loosen up and free yourself from all the mega-romantic ideas.

Do not approach the reunion with expectations that are too high. Do not plan all the time, otherwise the disappointment is even greater if something does not work out.

The last time we saw each other we only had three weeks togetherafter not seeing each other for almost a year.

But we made exactly the mistake of really planning every day, organizing a lot of trips and excursions and not planning a free minute.

On the one hand, the many trips were pretty stressful and then I'm just about to go on a flight became ill and everything fell into the water.

We were of course extremely disappointed.

If we hadn't set ourselves so much in the first place, the disappointment wouldn't have been so great and we would have found something to pass the time.

Better be spontaneous

In order to avoid such disappointments, it is better to do it spontaneous ventures and don't plan everything down to the last second.

Spontaneity is something beautiful and when you come to terms with everything and allow yourself to be surprised, the best things happen anyway.

It is also very important to spend "normal", everyday time together, because when you do pull together you shouldn't be on the road all the time. Take time for both of you, all alone.

Have a nice dinner, have a cozy movie night and spend the time as you would in a normal relationship.

This is how you will also notice whether it will work out for both of you later.

Of course, I don't mean to say that you shouldn't travel or plan any more trips, but don't overdo it. Is less sometimes easy more.

4. You are not being honest with yourself and your partner

Honesty is very important in any relationship. In a long-distance relationship, however, the topic has a very special meaning.

Don't make the mistake of not being honest with your partner because up honesty and trust based a relationship.

So one Long distance relationships work well it is important that you tell your partner what you expect from him and how you feel about the relationship and yours too common future introduce.

Disappointments are inevitable

Imagine you are in a long-distance relationship and you are sure that at some point you want to live with your partner in the same city, but you absolutely cannot imagine leaving your hometown.

Two years later the topic comes up and your partner tells you that he absolutely cannot imagine leaving his home country either.

The consequence will be for better or for worse that you split up (unless you want to be in a long distance relationship all your life). So you waited two years for each other to find that you two didn't work out at all.

A bad idea, but one that can be avoided if you talk to each other and be honest with each other.

Of course, honesty can also hurt, but sometimes there is no other way. Because if you have different ideas about life than your partner, then that is unfortunately the case.

So have no secrets in front of your partner, because at some point most of it will come out anyway and that can often be a huge disappointment.

5. You are not showing your partner that you love them

In a long distance relationship, showing your partner that you love them is not that easy. You can't just go fast embrace or kiss goodnight.

However, one mistake many long-distance couples make is that they move on out of convenience Tokens of love often forego entirely. But it is not that difficult and time-consuming to prove your love for your partner.

Send one to your sweetheart Love letter. Yes, a real letter on paper and such.

A love e-mail can do the trick too.

[thrive_2step id = ’1683 ′] Get my list of mine here 10 all-time favorite apps for long-distance relationships, which make communication a lot easier! [/ thrive_2step]

Show your feelings to yourself

Even in a long-distance relationship, it is very important that you show each other your feelings for one another. Because you rarely have physical contact, this is only possible through words.

Even if you have a hard time saying romantic things, try your hand at them or use these tips to make it even easier for yourself

Describe to your partner how you feel about them, why they are exactly the right one for you is and why you like to be with him so much and take on the strains of a long-distance relationship for him.

It's nice when you wake up in the morning and have a little Message on the cell phone or if during work a simple "I love you“Arrives.

Or surprise your sweetheart with one spontaneous visit. There are also many ways to show your partner that you love him despite the long-distance relationship with small gifts and surprises.

The important thing is that you keep showing yourself that you like each other and not let the distance get you down.

In this article, you may have recognized a few mistakes you make in your long-distance relationship. Don't worry, it is normal to make mistakes. The only important thing is that you learn from it.

In another article, I put together 10 great tips for a happy long-distance relationship.

If you like and help my articles, I would be happy if you leave me a comment. What was the biggest mistake you made in your long distance relationship?

Yours sincerely, Jan