Which person has limitless happiness

Limitless happiness

Everyone strives consciously or unconsciously for great happiness. But what does it mean to be happy?

To be happy is to feel happy, and that is exactly what you don't have to leave to chance. For example, when you're in love, everything is very easy to do. You don't feel like you have a problem in any other area of ​​your life, no matter what happens. You just look at everything from a different perspective, with which you are completely fine, with which you can use your full potential at the same time. Until now, most believed that these feelings just come and go. But “luckily” this is not the case. We can use the simplest means to train our ability to experience feelings of happiness. Just as an athlete trains his muscles, we can specifically train our brain to experience feelings of happiness.

Negative feelings come from the Stone Age

In such a training, the first thing to do is to achieve a certain level of sovereignty, with which you can not only calmly master any dicey situation in the future, but also - what is much more important - first really perceive the many moments of happiness that our life already offers can. To obtain this sovereignty, it is only necessary to know the truth. Because in most cases in which we get uncomfortable feelings such as anger, hatred, aggression, despair, feelings of guilt, depression or the like, these feelings are based on information that our instincts process as if we were still in the Stone Age Life. Because our emotional system developed at a time when our living space looked much more life-threatening than it does today. Therefore, almost all negative feelings are based on the unconscious - and false - assumption that our lives are in danger. If we now consciously show our instincts what the world of today really is, we will evaluate life differently than if we look at today's world through the eyes of a stone age person.

Increase in feelings of happiness

On the basis of this sovereignty one can then very easily train to perceive moments of happiness in life and to let the feelings of happiness that arise as a result grow as much as one likes. But what are feelings of happiness? Feelings of happiness are not constant euphoria, just running around laughing, sitting happily in the corner and enduring everything or something like that. No, I'm talking about the positive feelings appropriate to the respective situation. Depending on the situation, this can be B. joy, lust, euphoria, satisfaction, enjoyment, connectedness, etc. Many couples who were in love at the beginning of their relationship lost this wonderful feeling over time. You then told yourself that it was normal for the tingling sensation in your stomach to fade over time. But of course it is very easy to regain those beautiful feelings that you had in the infatuation phase. You can even choose the feelings and their intensity that you want to experience. But how can you specifically evoke such feelings? There are a number of methods for doing this, one of which I am going to present here: You can already step into ecstasy with a flower until the tears come. If you sit down in front of a flower and perceive its beauty in every facet, beautiful feelings gradually arise. You can perceive their blossoms - the color of the leaves - even the different shades of color - the luminosity of the colors - the structure of the leaves - the edge of the leaves also has its own structure, of course you can also perceive the scent ...

Looking for the beautiful

If you look at every detail of this flower in this way and recognize the beauty and uniqueness every time, you literally get into a state of intoxication. If you can put yourself in such a state of happiness with a single flower, an entire garden will feel like the Garden of Eden. Each plant shows itself in a different beauty. In this way you learn to recognize the beauty of life. When falling in love, the subconscious basically does exactly the same thing: You unconsciously go in search of the beautiful in your partner. You can't even defend yourself against the tingling sensation in your stomach. Interestingly, during this time you not only see your partner with these feelings, but your whole life seems to be aligned positively. And it is precisely this effect that can be used. There are so many beautiful things in the world - you just have to notice them. This alone makes life a lot happier.

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