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Lots of new information about The Sims 4: To Uni!

We have a lot more information about student life for you in the upcoming The Sims 4 expansion pack.

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After we have already given you a lot more information about the upcoming expansion pack The Sims 4: An die Uni! As part of the developer livestream. today we have more details about student life for you. We were able to receive these directly from the Sims developers as part of the EA Game Changer program.

All about student life

  • Sims graduate when they successfully pass a total of 12 subjects
  • Your Sims can take a maximum of four subjects per semester
  • Sims can also fall through a compartment and must repeat it
  • A semester lasts 5 full working days
  • The length is independent of whether your Sims age faster or slower
  • After one semester, Sims should be able to take as much time as they want to tackle the next semester
  • In addition to normal degrees, your Sims can also consider higher degrees
    • However, this requires more skills and better grades in order to be accepted
    • Later on, higher degrees bring more advantages in professional life
  • Non-students can also enter the university campus and attend events
  • Non-students can also take courses to help them learn skills
  • Children and pets cannot live in the dormitories. To do this, your Sims must move to a residential lot on campus
  • About a week before teenagers become young adults, they can apply for college
  • Sims can work full-time in addition to studying

Activities at the university

  • Every university has its own soccer and esports team
  • The University of Britechester has an exclusive debating club and the Foxbury Institute has a special robotics group
  • The secret society has a total of three ranks in which your Sim can advance

Further information

  • Bicycles can only be used from the teenage age
  • Bicycles are available in all game worlds when the expansion pack is installed
  • There is a new endeavor around a successful degree
  • Sims can also simply live and live in the new game world without studying
  • From the age of a child, Sims can play around with soccer
  • There are no new hidden lots
  • Sims can find roommates on any residential lot
    • These roommates are NPCs, so they cannot be controlled
    • Households with roommates are limited to 10 Sims
    • For example, if you play 2 Sims, 8 roommates can still live on the property
  • Children cannot play table tennis

The Sims 4: To College! will be released on November 15th for PC and Mac and on December 17th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The expansion pack will cost 39.99 euros. You can already pre-order the expansion pack for PC and Mac on Amazon.de.

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