How do I deal with bad days

7 tips for ending a bad working day on a positive note

Not every working day goes smoothly. Sometimes everything goes wrong at work and very few manage to leave the office and shed the pent-up anger or frustration. So that you can really switch off after work, there are a few simple tips that will make you feel good.

The boss was in a bad mood, the meeting didn't go according to plan, and one or the other customer was not satisfied with your efforts. On some days you have the feeling that everything just goes wrong at your job. Many people take these thoughts home with them. They often plague you late into the night. It's best to do what gives you positive emotions - whether it's your favorite movie and a big ice cream or a ride on the bike.

1. Off to the sport

Are you really charged and every crooked look could lead to an explosion after a bad day in the office? Then use the negative energy and do something good for your body. Power yourself up really. Go for a run or how about some kickboxing? Find an outlet and you will see that your mood rises in no time.

2. Relax

Take a break. An hour in the bathtub can work wonders, or how about indulging in a massage? Let the stress knead out of you. Meditation and yoga can also be helpful.

3. Learn from mistakes

Find out why it failed. Of course, the other person could just have had a bad day or was it a little bit because of you? Reflect on the day's events. Some things you may be able to finish right away, but others need a little more attention. With the following questions you can clean up the chaos in your head after a lousy day:

  • Have you had more bad days than good in the last few months? Talk to a manager.
  • Is it just in your stomach today and is everything forgotten again tomorrow?
  • Are there any steps you can take to avoid negative situations in the future?

4. Stay positive

Not all is bad on a bad day. So remind yourself of the positive impressions of the day, no matter how small. Whether it's coffee in the morning with your partner or a quick chat with your colleague during the lunch break - don't take such things for granted. Learn to appreciate them and draw positive energy from them. Tip: Because people generally tend to store negative impressions rather than positive experiences: get yourself a gratitude diary.

5. Leave the anger behind

At the end of the day, close the office door behind you and look ahead. With the first step out of the building, symbolically let the anger and burdens of the day fall away from you. If you are not ready to go home yet, withdraw to a quiet place and leave your negative thoughts behind.

6. No comparisons

Often it seems that things are going much better for my colleagues. But they too often have to get through difficult times. Don't let the social media world fool you either. Many profiles give the impression of long-term success and a stylish, perfect life. Beyond the self-staging it often looks very different. In any case, what you see is only the tip of the iceberg - a happy snapshot.

7. Write down the anger

If all the good tips, exercise and relaxation techniques do not help, it can make sense to simply write down your anger, frustration and anger - the opposite of a gratitude diary, so to speak. Type all your thoughts into the PC or, better yet, write them down on paper. However, you should refrain from sending it to colleagues or executives. By the way, ceremonially tearing the whole thing up or burning it works better. Once written down and destroyed, hopefully the negative vibes will also be gone.

Take a relaxed look at the situation. Tomorrow will definitely be a better day, full of positive experiences from which you can draw strength.

Text: Victoria Lehner-Jettmar

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