Where is the coldest place in Spain

-35.8 ° C in Spain: "Filomena" brings record cold and lots of snow

The Madrilenians were amazed when they looked out the window or even dared to leave the house. Because there was snow on cars and sidewalks, in parks and on lawns. An extremely rare phenomenon in the Spanish capital that hasn't seen white glory in almost a decade. For hours it snowed thick flakes from the gray-overcast sky.

Storm low "Filomena" is currently holding Spain in suspense, with "heavy snowfalls" even at heights of only 200 meters "in large parts of the interior of the peninsula", as the national weather service Aemet announced on Thursday. In the capital, in the northeast and in the mountainous areas of the southeast, up to 50 centimeters of snow could fall in the coming days.

In other regions of Spain, too, such as the province of Castile and Léon, "Filomena" has brought record-breaking low temperatures. In the town of Vega de Liordes, which is around 400 kilometers north of Madrid, -35.8 degrees Celsius was measured - the coldest temperature ever recorded in Spain. On Wednesday there was a cold record of -34.1 ° C in La Llança, in the Pyrenees, a cold record.

The record temperatures measured in Castile and León appear relatively warm compared to the lowest value in continental Europe, which was measured on December 31, 1978 in Ust-Shchuger, Russia, at -58.1 ° C.

In France and Switzerland, too, the documented lowest temperatures are below the Spanish value, namely -36.7 ° C for France and -41.8 ° C for Switzerland.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the northern hemisphere was -69.3 ° C, according to the World Meteorological Organization. It was measured on December 22, 1991 in Greenland. But even this record is almost 20 ° C warmer than the world record set in July 1983 at the high-altitude Vostok weather station in Antarctica.

The meteorologists assume that the low in Spain will last at least until Sunday, but in some cases until the beginning of next week.

The national meteorological service Aemet declared the second highest orange alert for around half of the country, and even red alert for three provinces in the Castile-La Mancha region south and east of Madrid. In Madrid, 20 centimeters of snow should fall on Saturday, and the weather forecast predicts temperatures of down to -12 ° C during the night from Monday to Tuesday.