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Guide to blemished skin


Dr. Hauschka facial care for blemished skin. We understand your skin.

Impure skin needs special care. With pimples and blackheads, she shows that she is out of balance. Facial care from Dr. Hauschka brings the skin back into balance. And even with the right make-up, make-up is no problem for blemished skin. Our facial care products contain valuable medicinal plants and the best natural substances that clean, strengthen and care for - based on nature's example. Impure skin is harmonized and regulated and finds its way back to a pure, cleared complexion and fine pores.


Unique Dr. Hauschka.

At Dr. Some things are different at Hauschka. We recommend facial oil for oily skin and do not believe in peeling. With this beauty concept, we are deliberately stepping out of line. Because we know what your unbalanced skin needs: Support to take care of itself from the inside out and to renew itself. Every product from our Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics is the result of scientific research and works with carefully crafted compositions made from the best natural substances. Where available, we source our natural ingredients from certified organic or Demeter cultivation and from fair trade.

What causes blemished skin?

If the skin is out of balance (e.g. due to hormonal changes) the glands in the subcutaneous tissue produce more sebum than necessary. At the same time, there is increased cornification in the joint duct of hair and sebum, which clogs the sebum glands.

Horn and sebum form a prop, the so-called blackhead (comedon). When the blackhead opens, the sebum oxidizes and turns black.

If the blackhead remains closed, germs can multiply and irritate the tissue of the dermis: First a red nodule (pimple) appears, then a pustule with a yellow head (pus pimple).


Individual care for individual needs.

Even blemished skin does not fit into rigid drawers. The appearance of the skin can change on different days and places, in different seasons or phases of life. The Dr. Hauschka concept takes these special needs into account and effectively cares for every skin type. For you at home, we have developed skin care plans that are tailored to different skin types. You can find the right skin care plan for your complexion with product recommendations for facial cleansing, strengthening, protective day cream or night care here.




Treat yourself to a beauty day

Dr. Hauschka estheticians know what impure skin needs. A cleansing facial treatment soothes the inflamed skin. Even oily and dry skin receives optimal care.


The following applies to all pimples and blackheads:

Please do not press with bare hands. There is a risk of inflammation and even scarring.


Even if it's late in the evening.

Before going to bed, remove your make-up thoroughly, for example with the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk and the Dr. Hauschka eye make-up remover. They remove dirt from the skin and gently care for it.


Change towels and pillows.

Use a different towel to dry the skin of your face than you use on your body and hands. Change the pillowcase regularly, this is where hair product residues often accumulate.


Try to avoid peeling.

A peeling can remove the horny layer, the natural protection of the skin against external influences. The skin then tends to develop more horns in order to compensate for the deficiency that has arisen. Regular peelings can thicken the epidermis and dry out the skin.


Make-up for blemished skin.

With the right make-up, make-up is no problem even for blemished skin. First cover imperfections and redness with the concealer. You can then use the Dr. Hauschka Foundation or Dr. Apply Hauschka Translucent Face Powder; both products do not clog the pores. Important: Always use clean, disinfected brushes.


Diet for blemished skin.

Low-fat foods such as fish, vegetables, raw vegetables and whole grain bread are good for physical well-being - and for a clear complexion. Avoid sugar and sweetened drinks as much as possible and exercise a lot, preferably in the fresh air.

Dr. Hauschka products for blemished skin


Impure skin: multiple causes

As teenagers, we sort of come to terms with pimples and blackheads. As adults we find that the end of puberty does not automatically mean the beginning of an even complexion. Every fourth woman between the ages of 25 and 45 has skin blemishes.

Predisposition can be a cause, as can an unhealthy lifestyle. However, skin impurities can also arise from mental and physical stress, the use of medication or changes in the climate. Or when the hormones “go crazy” during pregnancy and menopause.

Also rethink your care and cleaning habits: Are you using the right cosmetics for your skin? Products that are not suitable for your complexion can promote the development of blackheads, pimples and pustules.


Our medicinal plants for pure skin.

Rhythmic medicinal plant extracts are the heart of Dr. Hauschka cosmetics. As a source of inspiration, they stimulate the skin's own forces. Exactly where your skin needs support.