What five things should never surprise you?

Surprise girlfriend 5 valuable tips and a surprise that will blow your mind even

Your girlfriend opens the door.

Your eyes widen.

She drops the purse.

And clasps her hands in front of her face.

Suddenly she begins to cheer, laugh and shine.

She jumps up and down on the spot, hugs you and is just overjoyed.

This is exactly what a perfect surprise looks like.

Successful surprises have a really strong effect, especially in relationships:

Where there was previously stress, there is suddenly happiness, love and contentment. And often there is really hot sex afterwards.

But in order to do everything right with a surprise girlfriend, you have to pay attention to a few things. Otherwise a well-intentioned surprise can backfire.

So that this doesn't happen to you, I'll show you what exactly is important:

If you know the five tips from this article, each of your surprises will be a complete success.


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Table of contents of the article

Tip # 1: Orientate yourself to their values

Everyone has values ​​that are more or less important to them. And his actions, habits and interests are shaped by the values ​​that are very important to him.

For many people, for example, "health" is a very high value. In this case, they eat a healthy diet, do a lot of exercise, do not drink alcohol and get enough sleep.

Other people, on the other hand, attach great importance to "adventure". They become unhappy when they go about a regular everyday life in a secure job. Instead, they need the constant kick to feel the adrenaline rushing through their bodies to be truly happy.

Use this knowledge about the relevance of values ​​for you, e.g. when you tell your girlfriend. B. want to surprise with a present:

Give her something that corresponds to her values. Something that you know very well that she likes.

You don't have to like the gift. It is only meant for YOU!

For example, does your girlfriend love relaxation and sensual touch?

Then you shouldn't invite her to a heavy metal concert to poke with her in the mosh pit, because that's what you particularly like.

Instead, surprise them with a wellness day at a spa. And while you both relax after a revitalizing sauna, you also give her a gentle back massage.

Of course, many guys think of something sexual when they hear the word "surprise girlfriend" - I can't blame you for that either. I feel very different. 😉

But sometimes your own sexual ideas go in a completely different direction than what your girlfriend would like.

The biggest monster dildo is quickly conjured up as a "big" surprise, whereupon the girlfriend, a little shocked, has to show a good face to the bad game ...

... because she knows where the BIG surprise should be conjured up.

And maybe she doesn't want that at all.

In the event of sexual surprises, make sure that you give your girlfriend something she really wants. Perhaps a persistent »licking women really« is better than filling a friend like a darning goose.

Or does your friend love romantic evenings at home on the couch and is not often out and about in her free time?

Then it makes no sense to surprise you with an adventure weekend in the country. She will be all the more pleased about a new blanket.

The following applies: if you want to surprise your girlfriend with a gift, orientate yourself on the basis of her values. And put your own preferences aside.

This ensures that you really make her happy by the surprise.

Tip # 2: Surprise your girlfriend - regularly with small things

When men want to surprise their girlfriend, they usually plan the really big number. Something your friend will rave about until the end of her days.

And that's perfectly fine.

There's nothing wrong with waking up your girlfriend in the morning and holding her two plane tickets for a spontaneous romantic vacation to Paris.

But it is much more effective to surprise your loved one with little things on a regular basis.

For example, put a box of delicious chocolates on the bed for her or take a colorful bouquet of flowers with her. As you learned in tip # 1, of course, only if she likes chocolates and flowers.

The imagination knows no limits.

Surprise them in the morning with a little dance at the breakfast table. Buy her favorite Italian salad for lunch or prepare it herself. Treat her to a hand massage after a long day.

Such little surprises in everyday life regularly show your girlfriend how important you take her. A big surprise, after which nothing comes for half a year, is great - but it often disappears quickly from your head.

The surprise account

Many men think of an account system when they think of surprises and favors. True to the motto: the bigger the surprise, the more points in the account. And the longer I don't need to do anything as a token of my love or affection.

Well, most women see it differently. For them, many small surprises count significantly more and strengthen the desire and affection much more blatantly than a huge thing once a year.

So forget about the surprise account. And make it a habit to give your girlfriend little gifts on a regular basis.

Of course, big surprises can also be included.

Tip # 3: Anticipation is the greatest joy in surprising girlfriends

You certainly know that anticipation is the greatest joy. Anticipation often goes hand in hand with curiosity - about what will come in the end.

Curiosity and anticipation are two emotions that everyone loves - especially women! Especially when they come with a surprise.

The best way to explain what I mean by that is through an exciting story from my buddy Andreas.

With a simple trick he generated curiosity and anticipation in his girlfriend Nicole for weeks. How exactly did he do that?

When Andreas was walking through the park with Nicole one evening, he suddenly pulled a large new paintbrush out of his pocket. At first, Nicole asked Andreas whether everything was okay with him.

He held the brush under her nose, grinning slightly, and said:

"Put the brush in!"

"Andreas, what's the point?" Asked Nicole.

“Just trust me. Put the brush in your purse. Perhaps in the next few weeks you will find out why I gave it to you. "

Full of curiosity, but also a little puzzled, Nicole put the brush in her handbag.

For the next few weeks, the brush gave her no peace. She always had it in her hand because it was in her handbag.

And she kept asking Andreas: "What am I supposed to do with it - what is it all about?"

But Andreas stays cool every time: "I won't tell you - it's a surprise."

Finally, weeks later, one evening they went to Andreas home from a movie.

When Nicole was just making herself comfortable on the sofa, Andreas lit a pleasantly smelling scented candle, put on romantic music and turned the heater up. At first Nicole thought that he just wanted to have sex with her.

"Wouldn't we rather go into the bedroom for that?" Asked Nicole.

But instead Andreas was silent and took out another blanket, which he put on the floor.

“Honey, relax. Make yourself comfortable. Take off your clothes and lie down on the blanket. "

Nicole followed her friend's instructions with joy.

He began to massage her gently. Nicole liked that.

Suddenly he asked her: "Where is my brush?"

Nicole, who hadn't expected it in any way, suddenly started giggling lustfully. She understood what Andreas was doing with the brush all along.

"In my handbag, over there!" She whispered excitedly.

With what now followed, you can be sure that in the end not only Nicole got her money's worth ...

And because Andreas had built up this strong tension weeks before and Nicole gave no hints, this cool and creative surprise was even more intense.

Give this tip a try if you want to surprise your girlfriend. Give her little hints of a big surprise, but be vague about it.

She will do her best to find out what it is. But be sure to stand firm and don't tell her anything.

Because how the tension discharges in the end when the surprise is dissolved ...

... you can imagine for sure.

Tip # 4: create strong emotions

Now we take a step back when it comes to surprising girlfriends.

Because what is a surprise actually about?

I already indicated it in tip # 3: A surprise serves to arouse emotions in the other person. Ideally, of course, positive.

The feeling of appreciation, feeling touched, exuberant joy, maybe even tears full of happiness ...

... these are the results of a good surprise.

In the case of bigger surprises, it is particularly important that the emotions aroused are as intense as possible and that your friend will remember them for a long time.

To make it particularly intense, I make it unforgettable, for example - and don't leave anything to chance.

If I surprise my friend Christine with a massage, I'll make sure that the room is comfortably warm. I put on relaxed music and light pleasant scented candles and incense sticks. And above all, I take a lot of time to pamper my girlfriend - seeeeehr extensively!

A massage in itself is a fine thing. But an hour-long massage in this cozy atmosphere ...

... Christine remembers that months later.

And if I surprise you with an adventure weekend, then I don't just book any room and leave the rest to chance. Instead, I really plan everything in advance: which activities we do, which restaurants we eat, etc.

In this way I ensure that the surprises are full of strong, intense emotions. Since I don't tell Christine in advance where we're going or what we're going to do there, she remains curious and excited all the time.

Of course, I don't plan the entire time - after all, there are also surprising other dynamics that give the fun a really hot spice.

But I make sure that when there is a big surprise, I make sure that they arouse strong emotions in my partner, for example by enriching them with unique experiences.

In the case of surprises, however, it is also very important when we undertake them together that they roughly correspond to my friend's preferences. It is only with such things that it is extremely important that they go hand in hand with my interests.

Not only Christine likes the hotel, the activities and the restaurants, but I also like it. If I surprise her with such an exciting excursion, it won't help either of us if she enjoys the weekend to the full and I let it go bored.

Then better give this trip to her and her best friend as a present. So she's having fun while I can hang out with my buddy and have fun. 😉

Tip # 5: give her security

By the way, if your girlfriend has absolutely no idea what the surprise is about and what will happen next, then it's essential that you make her feel safe.

This is particularly the case with sexual surprises.

Perhaps your partner is very relaxed, open and playful in this area. Then you may not need to put that much emphasis on it.

However, you should never be negligent about it. For example, one of my previous playmates was very open about her sexuality.

Whenever I found out about a new sex technique, I was able to surprise her with it. In order to increase the tension, I often blindfolded her and tied her to the bed with silk scarves.

Nonetheless, I took great care to devote all of my attention to her. Because only then did she feel safe and secure.

Even when she was blindfolded, she felt very clearly whether my mind was on her wonderful body or the latest episode "Game of Thrones".

In addition, we made a special code word. If she said this, I immediately broke everything off, lifted the blindfold and loosened the chains.

These agreements and my attentive presence gave her the feeling of absolute security, which enabled her to indulge in surprises even better.

You, too, should be particularly attentive if you want to surprise your girlfriend, especially in surprises where she has to give up control. And especially with sexual surprises.

See how she reacts and give her your full attention.

And if it is too much for her and she becomes anxious or just cannot calm down, tell her what the surprise will be or what will happen next. Maybe the surprise isn't perfect.

But after all, it's about making her feel good.

Surprise girlfriend - with these special sex techniques

These were my five tips to give your girlfriend an unforgettable surprise. And I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you can give your girlfriend and maybe yourself some wonderful emotions through these simple tips.

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