Is Donald Trump afraid of Kamala Harris

In a democracy, the milder must also be able to win


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Those Germans who prefer things to be factual like to smile at the US's idea of ​​being chosen, which is based on "City Upon a Hill", John Winthrop's sermon from 1630. But it is precisely this aspiration to want to be something special that makes the citizens of this world so special Country has repeatedly made it possible to hold their country accountable. To reach for their dreams and rights. In the victory speeches by Biden and Harris, hardly a word was used as often as "possibilities". Possibilities. For all. One of these possibilities was the civil rights movement, whose historical speech was entitled "I Have a Dream". Martin Luther King, theologian and civil rights activist, held it on August 28, 1963 at the March on Washington in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It will be one of the few speeches that will be passed down through generations around the world. In these four words lay the African American longing for their share in the American dream. According to your possibilities. In the land of the American Dream, black dreams were not meant to be. King's speech still tells of the courage to be pathos, of belief in human rights. Even then, large parts of the world cheered because a movement dared to dream of a just life. Where nothing seems to be at stake, there is no fear. What big dreams can mean, said a black man in an interview: "We used to pick cotton, now we pick the president."

Barack Obama wanted to bring this great dream back into society with just four letters: HOPE. In capital letters as big as the "Hollywood" in the Hollywood Hills, of course. It was not for nothing that he called the program with which he wanted to grant illegal immigration protection to children in the USA the DREAM Act. In a country that can dream and hope, these children's illegality cannot be the defining characteristic, but their dream of a better life. Since then they have been called "Dreamer" instead of illegals, that alone is a sign of hope.

The Hollywood dream factory as it was known no longer exists. After four years of Trump, many thought that the United States as they knew it no longer existed either. But anyone who is really familiar with the culture and history of the country does not write a swan song for the USA, who knows: "Reinvention" is part of its identity and history. Reinvent yourself again. Failure can only be met with success.

The quality of our dreams also determines the quality of the reality that we create. What images does the unconscious produce? What images and stories would you have to create in order to sow hope again in those people who felt left behind and voted for Trump? At least that was a wise question that the film director Werner Herzog asked shortly before the elections when he was asked about the division in the country. What images do we use to nourish the subconscious?

Think back to the classical literature of the USA: The poet Walt Whitman, who with Leaves of Grass showed that poetry can also celebrate life, senses and lust. The essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson and his theories about the nonconformism that makes you a man and a person. The dream of happiness for the individual in a community of many. Up until Trump it was a sentence by Henry David Thoreau, one of the most important thinkers and authors in the USA, who was the epitome of respect for the individual: "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. " - "If a person cannot keep up with his companions, it may be because he has a completely different drummer in his ear."

This love for one's own compass. This sentence was sacred to me until Trump came and this Trump heard a drummer who hit people with hatred. I know hope rather than hope for something, but as never before I hoped away from something in these elections. I was hoping for Trump to fail. For fear of a world in which Trump's hate speech could finally normalize - we are all very used to his insanity. Of course, Trumpism doesn't end with the end of Trump's term in office. But after the votes were counted, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden stood on stage, and it became tangible, audible, visible how much normality had been lost in recent years. How many hopes and dreams we had lost.

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Biden and Harris included the old white men who voted for Trump in their speeches as well as the blacks and Latinos, the women and Asian-Americans. For those who just want to see old white America on the podium, that's already too much. Now, after a hundred years of women's suffrage, a woman as Vice President? Too much! From an immigrant family? Fatal! The existence of diversity is unbearable for the old White Supremacists, they have to erase what diversity they see so that they do not feel threatened. Trump would have continued to do them this favor, although he also needed people from minorities to win the election, the fears of the White Supremacists are what he missed out on Twitter every day. So he increased his power.

When I hear the conciliatory tone in which Biden and Harris deliver their speeches, I know what I was hoping for this election week, why I was so excited: In a democracy, the milder must also be able to win. The less fiery. The reason-based. Or not? Maybe that was just a hope, just a dream? The voters decided: That wasn't it.