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Diet: With these methods, China wants to educate its citizens to eat potatoes

In the long run there is too little water and too many people for rice and wheat: Now the potato is set to become China's new favorite food

TudouThe Chinese name of the potato, "peanut", came into the country 400 years ago at the end of the Ming Dynasty, and has not gained popularity since then. It is regarded as emergency food in times of hunger. The People's Republic is the largest potato producer in the world, but per capita consumption is low. Now the government wants to help the unrecognized vegetables to a new culinary consecration: The potato is to become China's new favorite food. Because the government is concerned about the food supply. Within 20 years, China will have to increase annual food production by 100 million tons in order to supply its growing population, with potatoes supplying half of that amount. Arable land and water are already scarce: China has to feed a fifth of the world's population, but has only ten percent of the world's arable land and seven percent of the world's freshwater supplies.

Government mandate: potato-based products

For the dry north and west of the country in particular, the potato is the ideal crop: Not only does it require less water than rice and wheat, it also delivers higher yields on the same acreage. The Ministry of Agriculture intends to have potatoes grown on ten million hectares, twice as much as before. That leaves the task of putting the bean on the plate. On behalf of the government, experts are developing potato-based products such as yuxiang, potatoes flavored with a fish flavor, the state media are presenting recipe suggestions, and the CCTV television station has devoted a three-part series to the side dish. Feng Xiaoyan, potato farmer and entrepreneur from Shaanxi Province, promotes the benefits of the tuber with specially written folk songs that sing about the beauty of blooming potato fields and the variety of preparation options: the soundtrack for the menu.

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