Watch your toddler videos on YouTube

YouTube kids

The video app especially for children
With YouTube Kids, kids can independently watch a variety of fun and educational videos in a safer environment. In addition, parents and guardians can use the app to accompany them on their travels when they discover new and exciting topics.

More security for children on the Internet
We are always working to make the video offering on YouTube Kids family-friendly and to filter out inappropriate content. To do this, we use automated filters that have been specially developed by our development teams for this purpose. We also rely on manual reviews and parenting feedback to keep our youngest users online. But no system is perfect and we may occasionally miss an inappropriate video. That is why we are constantly developing our security measures and are offering even more functions that are intended to support parents in giving their families the right access to the Internet.

Parental controls
Limit the useful life:
You can set a time limit for how long your child can use the app and view content. Encourage them not only to watch passively, but also to actively try things out for themselves.

View video history: The "Watch again" page shows all of the videos that you have viewed. This means you always know what your child has seen and are always up to date with their latest interests.

To block: Don't like a video? Then block the video - or the entire channel - and it will never be shown again.

Report: You can notify us of inappropriate content at any time by reporting a video. Reported videos are checked by us around the clock and every day of the week as quickly as possible.

Create individual profiles
After you have registered, you can create profiles for up to eight children, each with their own content, video recommendations and settings. You can use the "Approved content only" mode or the "Preschool age", "Younger" or "age groups" as required. Select "Older".

In "Approved content only" mode, your child can only watch videos, channels and / or collections that you have selected and approved yourself. In this mode, your child cannot search for videos on their own either.
The Preschool Mode only includes videos that encourage creative thinking, learning, and exploring in a fun way. In Younger mode, children ages 5 to 7 can explore their interests and watch songs, cartoons, and craft videos. The Older mode also allows children aged 8 and over to search for additional content such as popular music videos and video games suitable for children.

Other important information:
YouTube Kids must be set up by an adult in order for the app to be suitable for children.
YouTube Kids contains paid advertising that helps us keep this app free. In addition, children may also see commercial content from video creators that is not paid advertising. If your child uses YouTube Kids with their Google Account, you can find the privacy policy in the Privacy Policy for Family Link Managed Google Accounts. If your child uses YouTube Kids without being signed in to their Google Account, the YouTube Kids privacy notice applies.