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In these 10 professions, the step abroad is worthwhile

In the past, as now, the salary plays an important role in decisions relating to working life. Am I getting paid fairly? Am i happy with my salary? Should I have learned something else after all? Often the necessary data to answer such questions is missing and one can only worry about it. What we can do, however, is see whether our job is well or poorly paid by international standards.

In many other countries it is common practice to include the salary for a position in job advertisements, which makes a comparison much easier. In Germany, salaries are a topic for many people that they don't like to talk about openly. This results in many estimated numbers and ranges, which are only a good estimate.

In the following we have selected 10 professions and industries in which it might be worthwhile to take a look abroad. German salaries are compared here with those from Austria, the USA, England, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Italy, South Africa and New Zealand.

10 German salaries in comparison

While in Germany positions for media designers are paid an average of € 32,000, colleagues in the USA in the same occupation receive € 81,892, which is around 2.5 times the salary here. In Australia, too, at € 54,830, media designers are paid significantly better than in Germany.

It is also worth taking a look overseas for architects. Even if architecture is an engineering profession, it is not paid as well as others in the industry. While an average of € 42,500 is paid in Germany, there are only two countries in our comparison where less is paid. These are Italy with € 21,000 and South Africa with € 38,000.

In marketing, the German salaries lag quite behind in an international comparison. While in Germany an average of € 37,800 is paid, colleagues in the United States get more than double that amount with € 81,000. In Europe, the Netherlands has the lowest salary in marketing. With € 26,800 you only earn more than in South Africa, where marketing jobs are paid at € 19,000.

The very specialized profession of mechatronics is not badly paid here in Germany with an average of € 49,000. It also scores well in comparison with the other countries. Germany only has to hide in comparison with the American salary for mechatronics. There, at € 90,000, almost twice as much is paid as in this country.

For IT specialists, Germany is not a dream country, in terms of salary either. The training occupation is paid moderately in international comparison. Only in Italy, computer scientists earn € 36,500 less than ours. In the USA, Australia and New Zealand in particular, the salaries of IT specialists are significantly higher than those in Germany. It is well known that the language should not be a problem for computer scientists when changing countries.

In the field of health and care, it is a bit more confusing than in other professional fields. Due to various requirements and certificates, salaries in Austria and the USA, for example, are very high compared to other countries at around € 75,000. In South Africa, on the other hand, where nursing is mostly a family matter and less evidence is required for a job, an average of just € 17,000 is paid.

For butchers, the general salary level is not quite as high as in the other professions presented. It is interesting that in the USA less wages are paid than in Germany. The highest salaries for butchers are in Austria with € 50,200, followed by France with € 45,500, Australia € 40,000 and the Netherlands, where a butcher earns an average of € 35,000.

It is also worth taking a look abroad for carpenters. Carpenters in Austria earned € 58,600 twice as much as here. It looks similar in Australia. Carpenters earn around € 57,000 there. Here, too, the front runner is the USA, where they earn up to € 72,000.

There is a wide range of salaries for doctors. As an example, we have chosen an employed specialist. This earns around € 84,000 in Germany and is therefore in 4th place in our country comparison. There are higher salaries in the US, Australia and New Zealand. It is interesting that doctors employed in the rest of Europe earn significantly less. Anyone who decides to become a doctor probably also has more important reasons than spending a lot of money on their profession.

Civil engineers in Germany are around € 47,500 in the European average. In the USA, a civil engineer earns € 86,500 as much as civil engineers in England and South Africa put together. In Australia, too, very good salaries can be achieved with € 74,000. In places where there are frequent earthquakes and severe storms and houses therefore have to be appropriately equipped, civil engineers are paid accordingly for their work (€ 60,000 in New Zealand).

These were our 10 professions that are worth looking abroad for. However, there is one job for which we definitely do not recommend leaving Germany.

Electrical engineer!

Nowhere else do electrical engineers earn as much as here. Even the USA and Australia cannot keep up here. At € 69,000, electrical engineers are also the best-paid engineering profession in Germany. In fact, they earn almost 5 times that of their counterparts in South Africa. In Europe, electrical engineers earn the least in France.

It is important that this is only a comparison of gross annual salaries.

In addition to the salary, there are certainly other factors to consider when considering a move abroad. The cost of living, labor market situation, visas, employee rights, required qualifications and the like are also very important around the job. But a step out of Germany can also mean major changes socially. Not every job is socially recognized in the same way in every country and any language barriers can be a major obstacle.

Nonetheless, moving to another country can be very enriching and satisfying. Everyone has their own reasons for this!


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