Affenschein is viewed as a racist word

Racist attack in Hanau: it is not over

Following the trial of Stephan E. and Stephan B. must have been cruel for the victims' family members. E. killed the district president of Kassel, Walter L├╝bcke (CDU), for racist motives, B. carried out the attack on the synagogue in Halle and shot two people.

The families of those nine people with a migration background who were murdered by the racist Tobias R. exactly one year ago in Hanau in Hesse are "spared" from having to go to court. The perpetrator took his own life.

However, this also deprives them of the chance to get answers. Why could someone who believed himself "psychologically raped" by the secret services and reported this to the authorities, have a gun license?

So far, the bereaved complain, they have not received any answers. Nor do they know why the emergency telephones did not work properly on the night of the crime.

Many, from the Federal President downwards, were shocked after the racist murders of nine people and promised to do everything to ensure that something like this does not happen again.

However, this also includes a thorough reappraisal - especially in the Hessian police, in which even the interior minister does not rule out a right-wing network.

One year after the attack, it is far from over. The victims' families need answers. (Birgit Baumann, February 18, 2021)