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4 episodes so far, episodes 1–4

  • 1. Mauritius Mission

    Henriette Höffner (Saskia Vester) is finally fed up. She has now worked for around 40 years, but life is still a struggle - especially for economic survival. The encounter with the personable career advisor Mr. Loibinger (Jürgen Tonkel) gives Henriette an idea: Although she has neither training nor reserves, she has a lot of spontaneity, energy and life experience. In addition, it is as patent as it is unconventional and headstrong - it would be laughable if all these qualities were not put together in some way. Her grandson Toby (Anton Petzold) helps her to set up a website that is not quite "flawless", and Henriette actually landed her first job in record time - as an exclusive international childcare worker. Her first trip takes her to the dream island of Mauritius, where she is supposed to help the newly widowed hotel director Dieter Waldner (Stephan Grossmann), who is hopelessly overwhelmed when it comes to human issues, in childcare. Not an easy undertaking, because Henriette may have a talent for improvisation, but she lacks any routine when dealing with kids. Waldner's daughters Stella (Ella Gertz) and Marie (Pia Soppa) soon take Henni into their hearts despite everything, but dad himself turns out to be a much tougher nut. On top of that, he is about to run straight into his misfortune - thanks to the smart Munich “businesswoman” Veronika Fuchs (Susanna Simon), who wraps the hotel manager around her little finger. Veronika has a perfidious, ingenious and apparently watertight plan - in which, however, she did not count on the Henriette factor. (Text: ARD)

  • 2. South Africa Mission

    Henriette (Saskia Vester) embarks on her second assignment abroad as a globally active nanny. This time the Munich resident, who is actually registered as “job seeker”, goes to an idyllic but remote farm in South Africa. Henriette is supposed to take care of the 16-year-old Anton (Liam Bosman) and his younger brother Linus (Finn Kenny), who are supposed to spend four weeks with their grandfather Konrad Eckstein (Filip Peeters) without their parents. The busy vet and gamekeeper has neither the time nor the inclination to look after the bored city children himself. The 60-year-old is also anything but friendly with the nanny he has flown in from Germany. The experienced Henriette realizes that deep under the rough shell there is a soft core when she sees him interacting with wild animals. With her empathy and a helping of courage, she sets out to find out what shattered his relationship with his grandchildren and his daughter Johanna (Jena Dover), who long ago turned her back on the farm. Henriette, herself an expert in messed up parent-child relationships, takes care of her too. When it comes to matters close to her heart, the otherwise tough nanny is a rabbit herself. The edgy Konrad, whom Henriette secretly likes, sets out to lure her out of the reserve. (Text: ARD)

  • 3rd Mission Canada

    Audience favorite Saskia Vester is leaving for the third assignment abroad in the series “Das Nanny”! All of her life experience is required for the “Mission Canada”, because the job of a wealthy family soon turns out to be anything but “easy” for the patent heroine. The entertaining television film with Gaby Dohm as the upper-class mother-in-law, who does not make it easy for her son and his future - played by Jens Atzorn and Luise Wolfram - offers a reunion. The Pacific island of Vancouver Island provides a breathtaking backdrop for the film, the soundtrack of which increases the wanderlust. Henni (Saskia Vester) can hardly believe it: Canada is really as beautiful as the woman from Munich dreamed it would be! Your ticket to the world is again a cheated order as a premium nanny. The German-born entrepreneur Christopher (Jens Atzorn) has hired her to look after his daughter Bristol (Trixi Janson) so that he can prepare his second wedding in peace. Soon after arriving, Henni notices that the 13-year-old is not only struggling with her future stepmother Pia (Luise Wolfram), but that she also attracts trouble: shoplifting as a test of courage, a secret party tour and bad school grades. Henni is now fully challenged - who would have thought that even a knowledge of Goethe would be expected from a premium nanny? With her mixture of straightforwardness, pragmatism and loyalty, she wins Bristol's trust and finds out what is missing in the well-to-do family: human closeness! While Christopher takes little time for the teenager, her grandmother Esther (Gaby Dohm) turns out to be an emotional ice block and her mother Greta (Holly Elissa) as an egoist. No wonder Bristol is now sounding the alarm. Mr Loibinger (Jürgen Tonkel), Hennis' long-suffering supervisor at the Munich Employment Agency, gets into trouble. He has to turn her illegal solo efforts as a nanny into an eligible business idea in order not to be thrown out of his job himself. When Loibinger suddenly stands at the door in Canada, even Henni is amazed! (Text: ARD)

  • 4. Italy Mission

    Saskia Vester alias Henni Höffner likes to skip a start-up seminar when an attractive offer comes in that the premium nanny cannot refuse. In “Mission Italy”, the sympathetic globetrotter sets out to visit a family in Apulia that allegedly only needs a little relief for the olive harvest. As soon as he arrived, Henni had to realize that a very demanding task was waiting for her! Clelia Sarto and Janek Rieke are at the center of the fourth episode of the popular series “The Nanny” as a married couple that is about to lose their feet. Sascha Bigler directed the film, which tells a touching story with dreamlike images. Henni (Saskia Vester) enthusiastically gets off the Munich-Bari intercity bus in sunny Apulia. Her new assignment leads the globetrotter nanny to a German emigrant family with two teenage children. Rosa Westphal (Clelia Sarto), who runs a picturesque olive farm with her husband Benno (Janek Rieke), relies heavily on the educator with the impressive references. It seems strange to Henni that the self-confident A student Luisa (Laila Padotzke) and the musically gifted but sensitive Julian (Marlon Heidel) need supervision at all - especially since the family's finances are clearly bad. In addition, Henni is amazed at a secret doctor's visit from her client, which she happened to observe. Henni finds the husband's closeness to the attractive Vittoria (Liza Tzschirner), who is busy on the farm, suspicious. The violent quarrels between the couple also suggest little good. Henni wants to know what's going on with Rosa! But she doesn't let anyone get close to her. When Henni finds out the real reason, she realizes the extent of the worries. After she finally saw through the plan of her client, Henni shows her core competence: She fights with heart to keep the family together. (Text: ARD)

    originally announced for April 30th, 2021, then for May 6th, 2021

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