How does Expedia

Felix Berger
I mean, is only a travel agent, isn't it? In other words, they only offer the platform and do you book the trips in the end through travel providers such as Tui, Hapag Lloyd etc.? But don't know exactly either. I'm probably not of much help, sorry.
Anneliese Möller
Yes, the previous speaker is right. When you book travel through Expedia, you are booking through a tour operator, Expedia only mediates. However, this gives you the opportunity to choose the cheapest offer there, that's true, yes. Have fun on vacation, I hope I could help!
You can book without hesitation, but many find Opodo much better, including me. :-)
Danger! Be careful when booking via (eg "Click & Mix"). Reason: is only an intermediary service and not a tour operator, ie it is not liable in the event of a dispute, eg claims for damages, so it is not actionable. The only contractual partner is Expedia Inc. in the USA! Do you want to pursue legal proceedings in America? Conclusion: Against this background, I was advised by a lawyer not to book any more trips through in the future. See link for the official terms and conditions.
Very bad experience - lack of information about fees, especially when changing bookings. To this day, customer service has not sent me an invoice (after 100 requests) that includes all costs.
More was debited and what these costs are for - I have no idea.
I've seen on forums that I'm not the only one desperate with customer service. Long waiting times, incorrect information, no confirmation when rebooking, no answer to urgent questions ... Horror!

For me it is clear: I will no longer book with this provider, after 4 months of correspondence with the "customer service", which in my opinion does not deserve this name, I still do not have an invoice that includes all costs.

Very good:,,, and! All companies / providers who provide transparent invoicing. I can only recommend it!
NEVER AGAIN EXPEDIA - the last shop.
Tried on two different days to book 2 trips (1 * USA flight + rental car and one day later 1 domestic flight with rental car) via the Internet portal. Both times during the booking process there was a message that the price had increased (and noticeably) because the providers had increased their prices. I can't judge that, because of course Expedia is dependent on the offer prices of the organizers - but a price increase twice within a few minutes compared to the originally shown prices? At least interesting in terms of competition law.

I accepted the price increases, but when making the final booking (pressing the "book with payment" button) the error message came after a while, saying that the booking could not be completed and you should call the hotline.

THERE YOU ARE LOST. Completely unsuspecting employees - the bird was shot by a Mr. Neumann, about whom I will complain directly to Expedia - who during the conversation with me (irrelevant) chatted with colleagues (not to solve my problem) and made it clear, that I am the supplicant. "You need help, don't you?" "Yes, I think you are very nice too". When I asked what he meant by that, he just hung up. Allegedly calls to Expedia are recorded for quality assurance purposes - I hope our conversation was recorded and the management of Expedia gets an impression of the quality of its employees and recognizes why Expedia receives such bad reviews in the forums. I WILL NEVER BOOK WITH EXPEDIA AGAIN !!!
Impossible (or NO) customer service on Expedia

Answer only in English, no response to complaints, incorrect contact details in the imprint, the email address for the complaint is to GB, GB declares itself not to be responsible for Germany

Suitable for:
People who like to have extra effort, people who don't value reliability, those who like to experiment

Like all previous speakers, we had negative experiences with booking through Expedia. In a nutshell, you can book a trip with Expedia within a few minutes, but should complications arise afterwards, the customer will despair when trying to lodge a complaint with Expedia just because of the time frame. Much of the data stored in the imprint (e.g. fax) is bogus and worthless. As in our case, you will not receive any response to the email route prescribed by Expedia itself. It is reasonable to assume that Expedia simply gives the way by email to be able to use the excuse of SPAM in case of doubt.

Since the matter annoys us so much now, we have now gone the way to inform those about the business conduct of Expedia, who give this company an excellent certificate (allegedly) in the interests of us consumers.

On the one hand, there is TÜV SÜD, which advertises the company with 2 seals in the footer of Expedia, or issues a perfect reference. If you then dig deeper into this topic, you can also see the D21 initiative from the certificate for the seal of approval. Initiative D21 is an initiative even supported by the federal government, which aims to ensure that consumer protection on the Internet is upheld. For me as an end user, consumer protection, TÜV Siegel, Initiative D21 are all facilities that may only be used by companies that also meet all the guidelines and criteria that a jurisprudence provides in the sense of legally regulated consumer protection. Why a company like Expedia is praised beyond measure by these institutions, or why such a company is allowed to adorn itself with such seals etc. is beyond my imagination (economic reasons ????)
After the online booking with a final click on "Pay", a phone call was made about the booking. In this, EXPEDIA assured that the booking could be canceled by telephone until 11 p.m. on the same day and that in this case the (VISA) account would not be charged.
Yes, no, you think! EXPEDIA quickly debited the account with 4,334.07 euros, even though the booking was canceled before 11 p.m. on the same day.