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Beer pong

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The beer pong game

What began as a drinking game in American colleges has developed into a world-famous party hit: Beer Pong, also known as Beer Pong Beirut in the USA.

Beer pong is quick to set up and should be part of every proper celebration! Here you can find out all the rules and what you need for Beer Pong.

Accessories for Beer Pong ✅

Here is a list of accessories for playing beer pong:

Beer pong table

A longer table is best suited as a beer pong table. The official beer pong tables are between 1.80 meters and 2.44 meters, while the width is usually 61 cm and the height approx. 76 cm.

Of course, you can also just use a table tennis table or even play on the floor. It is important that you put a dividing line exactly in the middle.

Beer pong tables for professionals are already delivered in the correct dimensions with a recorded playing field. Professional beer pong tables can be folded into a box for transport.

For the price of a professional beer pong table, you get two to three cases of beer. The purchase price is relatively high for a single use.

Beer pong mug

We recommend around the 30 cups so that you can play different variations of Beer Pong.

If you want it to be as authentic as possible, you should get red or blue cups (Red Solo Cup). Many sets that you can buy online contain both colors. A color for almost every team.

Who it is extra fancy wants to have, who gets himself cups that glow in the dark. You don't treat yourself to anything else.

The original cups have a capacity of 16 oz, or about half a liter.

Beer pong balls

Beer pong balls are usually available in white or orange. In the end they are nothing more than normal table tennis balls.

If you want to use your table tennis balls, don't forget to wash the balls thoroughly beforehand!

Preparation & setup for Beer Pong 🏓

The great thing about Beer Pong: The game can be played in countless variations. Even the number of players is just as flexible as the number of balls and cups.

Number of players

Beer pong can be used as a singles or Double be played, so you need 2 or 4 players. But there are also variants with significantly more players.

Structure of the table

You can use a table, ping pong table or even the floor as a beer pong play area.

The playing field should have a size of approx. 150 cm to 250 cm and a visible dividing line in the middle. A colored adhesive strip is sufficient in most cases. But you can also play it without a dividing line.

Setting up the Beer Pong cups

Depending on how long a round should last, you either ask 10 or 15 Cup on each half of the game. Each team then evenly fills these with 1 liter of beer each. Of course, you can also have other drinks (if you don't want to see Kevin puking in the corner, don't use gin and tonic).

Each team should also put an additional cup with water next to it to clean the match ball after each round for hygienic reasons.

10 cups installation

Here you can see how you place a 10 cup setup:

15 cups installation

Here you can see how you place a 15 cup lineup:

Beer pong rules 🤓

Here is an overview of the most important beer pong rules as a short version:

  • Each player on a team throws one ball each
  • If a ball hits, the cup must be drunk
  • If both balls hit, the team may throw again
  • Balls that hit the table may be repelled
  • When a team has to drink the last cup, the redemption round takes place
  • If the team hits all cups at Redemption, the game continues with one cup
  • If the team does not hit all of the cups in Redemption, it loses and must drink all remaining cups

Sinking cups rule

The ball is deemed to have been hit when it touches the liquid in the cup. In other words, as soon as the ball touches the beer, even if the ball might then fly out of the mug, the mug must be drunk.

Important: As soon as the ball hits, the team must drink the cup immediately. Otherwise, the opposing team may hit the second ball in the same cup. If that happened, the team lost instantly.

It can also happen that the opposing team throws and hits while you are trying to drink the mug. If that happens, you have lost too.

Re-Racking & Formations Rule

Each team may request a “re-rack” at the end of their turn in order to keep the cups in a compact form.

Each team receives two re-racks per game. In a standard beer pong game you re-racket with 6 remaining cups.

Important: Re-racking is not allowed in the redemption round!

Beer pong litters ☄️

Which throwing technique you use when throwing is entirely up to you. In order not to be shot into nirvana after the second round, you should perhaps look at and practice a few throwing techniques beforehand.

Before the start of the game, however, it should be determined from where it is allowed to throw.

Elbow throw rule

In order to comply with the Beer Pong Code, the elbow should be behind the edge of the field when throwing.

Direct throw

With a direct throw you throw the ball in a high arc (“Arc Shot”) or at high speed (“Fastball”) directly to the cup without the ball landing on the playing surface. Requires a little practice and sensitivity, but the opponent must not parry the ball with this throw!

Bounce throw

For beginners we recommend the “bounce”. Here you try to let the ball hit the field first so that it then flies into the cup. Of course, the ball can also be used several times on the playing field "bounce”.

What is important to note here: The opponent may fend off a bounce ball with his hand! However, this risk is rewarded. If you hit a bounce ball, your opponent must drink two cups.

Alternatively, there are also the rules that an additional cup must be drunk per “bounce”. Whether you incorporate this rule is up to you.

Match rules for Beer Pong 👌

Of course, different hits require different numbers of cups that the team has to drink. Here you can find all the rules for the hit:

Single hit

If both players hit two different cups, they must be drunk.

Double hit

If both players hit the same cup, 3 cups must be drunk.

A hit

If only one player hits a cup, only this has to be drunk.

Flight blind

If both players hit, they may throw again.

Winner and Redemption 🏆

  • The general rule is: Whoever hits all of the opponent's cups first is the winner.
  • The losers now have to drink up all the remaining cups on the field. 🍺

Redemption rule

The Redemption (Rebuttal) Rule states that as soon as the last cup has been hit, the opponent may keep throwing until he throws one miss. If you're playing in a team, you can take turns throwing until you haven't hit both of them.

If all remaining cups are hit in the Redemption / Rebuttal round, extra time (Overtime) can be played.

Overtime / extension

In overtime, one cup is placed on each side. After that it is called Sudden Death! The team that hits first without the opponent also hits wins the game.

Beer pong additional rules

If you want to make Beer Pong even more exciting, you can choose a few additional rules here:


A team can make one substitution per game. A person not assigned to the teams throws. If this hits, the opposing team must drink an additional mug selected by the attacking team. If this is not the case, the attacking team has to drink a mug allocated by the defending team.

Blisters and fingers

An additional rule that allows balls that are still rotating in the cup to be pushed out of the cup again. Women are allowed to blow the balls out of the cup and men are allowed to finger the balls out of the cup. As soon as the ball touches the beer in the mug, blowing and fingering is no longer allowed. If the cup is knocked over while trying, it is refilled, drunk and removed from the game.

No look shot

If a player throws with his eyes closed and scores, the opposing team must drink a second mug. The cup is determined by the thrower.

Behind-the-back shot

If a player throws the ball behind his back and hits, the opposing team must drink a second mug. The cup is determined by the thrower.

Beer pong sets 📦

If you want to play beer pong as authentically as possible, you can get the right accessories here.

Cups + balls

If you are looking for a complete beer pong set (100 red cups + 6 beer pong balls), we have found a cheap set on Amazon for you:

Cheap beer pong set

Portable Beer Pong Set

As a real Beer Pong fan you know this situation: You are at a house party and the only table that would be suitable for a round of Beer Pong is completely littered.

But as a real Beer Pong fan you always have your portable Beer Pong table with you and save this boring party from going home:

Beer pong table set

Beer Pong FAQ 🧐

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions including answers about the Beer Pong rules.

What are the Beer Pong rules for those who hit the ball?

As soon as the ball has touched the table, the opposing team may block the ball with the hand. However, if the ball hits the cup, it counts twice and the team has to drink two cups.

What happens at an airball?

If the ball does not land on the table when it is thrown, it is called an airball. Basically, this is considered not to have been taken If you want, you can of course consider additional rules for an airball.

What happens if a cup falls over?

Beer must not be spilled! Therefore, the following applies: Whoever has brought the cup down is also liable for it being refilled. Usually the person who knocked it over has to drink a beer.

According to the Beer Pong rules, where should the elbow be?

The elbow must not be over the edge of the table when throwing.

Are there beer pong rules for blowing / blowing?

If the ball circles in the cup after the throw, the team may try to blow it out again. However, this rule is only optional.

When can you change cups according to the Beer Pong rules?

Usually you move the cups when there are only 6 or 3 left. This is called “re-racking”.

How many beer pong cups are there?

The most popular configurations are with 10 or 15 cups. Of course, you can decide freely here.

At what distance do you place the cups?

It all depends on how big your table is and how many cups you are playing with. We recommend a distance of 5-10cm.

How is the placement of the cups?

The cups are set up in a pyramid shape. In the case of a set-up of 10, the top forms a single cup, then two, three in the next row and four in the bottom row. The bottom row is with the respective team and the top points to the opponent.

Where does beer pong come from?

Beer Pong was invented in the 1950s at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA. There you played with table tennis bats and only one beer on each side of the field.

Which cups are suitable for Beer Pong?

Red or blue plastic cups with a capacity of 16oz (473ml) are used for beer pong.

Why are the classic beer pong mugs available in two colors?

You usually get the classic 16oz beer pong cups in red and blue. The idea behind it is that every team gets a color.

What sizes are there for beer pong cups?

Traditionally, beer pong is played with a 16oz mug. Over the years, however, other sizes have been added:

  • 2oz (59ml)
  • 10oz (296ml)
  • 16oz (473ml)

Are there other games with beer pong cups?

With Beer Pong cups you can also play Kings Cup, Flip Cup or Stack Cup, among other things.

How long is a beer pong table?

A beer pong table is between 1.5 meters and 2.4 meters long. The width is 60 centimeters and the height is 70-80 centimeters.

Which beer for beer pong?

Basically, you can use any beer for Beer Pong. If you want to play several rounds without being influenced too much by alcohol, you can also use light beer.

Where can I buy Beer Pong cups?

Beer pong cups can be bought cheaply on Amazon. Most sets also contain beer pong balls: Inexpensive beer pong set

Can the Beer Pong mug go in the dishwasher?

Yes, most beer pong cups are designed to be washed in the dishwasher.

Beer pong tournaments

In the US, beer pong tournaments are even held at the local, regional, and national levels. This trend has even spread to Germany and Austria and so many such tournaments and leagues take place in different cities every year.

Dangers of the beer pong drinking game:

Beer pong makes you really want to go and transports the most boring party from dreary sitting together into an unforgettable night full of fun. Since there will be a lot of alcohol flowing, here's a little warning:

Be careful when handling beer (and especially high-proof spirits) and know your limits! The most important thing should be said and now have fun with it Beer pong!

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