Which degrees are required for hotel management

Hotel management

Hotel management education path in detail

The hotel management education path points the way from apprenticeship training in the catering / hotel industry to an academic degree. Several apprenticeships are available for entry on the basis of this educational path: hotel clerk, restaurant specialist, (system) catering specialist or hotel and catering assistant. The start of a career in this educational path is also possible with the completion of a three-year tourism school or attending the gastronomy management basic course of the WIFIs. For specialists in the hotel industry, there is also a series of additional training courses that are not compulsory, but offer further specialization and qualification. These include, for example, training in professional reception management or as a housekeeper or housekeeper. The hotel management diploma course prepares employees in the hotel industry with management skills for management positions.

Qualities that promote successful advancement in this educational path: customer orientation, communication skills, entrepreneurial thinking, organizational talent, enjoyment of dealing with people.

Your start on the educational path

Take off - and choose your next destination for the start / further development of your career in the hotel industry. Depending on your professional experience, the following training courses are available:

Hotel clerk

As Hotel clerk work in various departments of hotels, restaurants, health spas or wellness resorts.


  • coordinate the tasks of the individual departments
    take on activities in different departments in the organization, for example in reception and reservations, in purchasing, in sales, in accounting or in the personnel office, but also in kitchens and guest rooms of restaurants or hotels,
  • calculate material requirements and prices
  • develop advertising concepts for your house
  • ensure a smooth business process
  • discuss important decisions and problems with management.

Restaurant specialist

As a specialist with an apprenticeship qualification Restaurant specialist Do you work primarily in upscale gastronomy (restaurants and hotels), in inns, coffee houses, bars and discos. By choosing the company (small, medium, large company, restaurant, hotel, catering company, etc.) you can set priorities in your area of ​​responsibility yourself.


  • create menus with creative dishes and menu variations,
  • arrange buffets and banquets,
  • are responsible for purchasing the groceries,
  • calculate and organize the kitchen staff.

System catering specialist

As a specialist with an apprenticeship qualification System catering specialist Their area of ​​application ranges from fast food restaurants (family restaurants, market restaurants) and canteens to adventure gastronomy and cafes. System catering is a collective term for so-called fast-food restaurants that offer fast meals and fast food.


  • prepare meals,
  • advise guests,
  • run promotions,
  • take on administrative tasks and quality controls,
  • run a business independently.

Gastronomy specialist

As a specialist with an apprenticeship qualification Gastronomy specialist work in pubs, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, hotels or catering companies.


  • ideally combine the areas of kitchen and service,
  • offer perfect service and excellent, creative cuisine,
  • work as self-employed or self-employed in the hotel and catering industry.

Hotel and hospitality assistant

As a specialist with an apprenticeship qualification Hotel and hospitality assistant mainly work in hotels. Further employment opportunities exist in recreation, holiday and training homes, holiday centers or in shipping. In a larger hotel, you can take over the management of a department - for example buffet, banquet, conference, reception.


  • take on control and organizational tasks,
  • work closely with floor, service and the kitchen,
  • are responsible for professional guest care.

As Hotel clerk do you work in a wide variety of departments - for example in the administration or economic department - of a hotel or hospitality business.


  • As head of department, they are often responsible for the efficient and smooth workflow of the department,
  • create duty and vacation plans and control payroll accounting,
  • check and confirm invoices and orders from the purchasing department and carry out operational accounting,
  • take on the tasks of receptionists in guest relations,
  • monitor business processes, check operating costs and discuss important decisions and problems with the owner or the shareholders.

As Gastronomy manager or. Gastronomy manager work in a management position in a catering company.


  • create duty rosters,
  • prepare offers for different occasions in gastronomy,
  • are jointly responsible for the economic and cost-efficient management of the company.

As Specialist with the WIFI training hotel management work either independently or as an employee in a management position at corporate and management level, in the role of managing director, chief executive officer (CEO) or general manager (GM). Event agencies, travel journalism, tour operators or tourism groups are also possible areas of employment.


  • can take on a managerial position in the management level of a hotel or restaurant business,
  • develop marketing concepts for gastronomy and the hotel industry,
  • recognize and use innovations,
  • develop the strategy for the management of your house,
  • develop work instructions for the medium-term management of the catering or hotel business.