Why does Scottish sound like German English?

Scottish, the


So far, most Scots - as well as Welsh and Northern Irish - could be recognized by their pronounced accent, which did not want to subordinate itself to the elegant English of the English. Scottish sounds a bit like the stereotype that foreigners put together from the Highlanders: down-to-earth and a bit tough. [Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, July 31, 2015]

In 2007, when she was just 20, Amy Macdonald got off to a brilliant start in her career. Her powerful folk-pop with acoustic guitar and in the most beautiful Scottish language was fresh, rousing and immensely successful. [Münchner Merkur, November 4th, 2020]

[US actor] Willem Dafoe was apparently encouraged to speak in a dialect that sounds a lot like Irish or Scottish, but not really Maine, although the story of the two men who worked on a barrier island for four weeks at a time do in a lighthouse, was settled there. [Basler Zeitung, 11/28/2019]

Soundscapes that remind you of cold and rainy days on the coast of England, performed with what is probably the best English accent there is, the Scottish! [King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, October 27, 2011, accessed on September 1, 2020]

[Robert] Broom discovered several other things, for example in 1938 in Kromdraai a new variety of the ape-man, the Paranthropus. "Since 1947," he now reported, still speaking the broadest Scottish, "we have made rapid progress and we now know five types of the ape-man." [Der Spiegel, June 9, 1949]