How are Syrian immigrants in Germany?

Admission regulations for Syrian and Iraqi refugees with relatives in Berlin

For a recording you have to

  • Be a family member of the first or second degree (i.e. parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents, siblings) of the person who has fled,
  • have been in Germany for at least one year,
  • have lived in Berlin or in the state of Brandenburg for at least one year (main residence)
  • be currently registered in Berlin with the main place of residence without a residence requirement (for a city other than Berlin) and
  • have German, Syrian or Iraqi citizenship or
  • Be an EU citizen entitled to free movement, an EEA citizen, a third-country citizen or a Swiss citizen with a Swiss residence permit.

If you are a Syrian or Iraqi citizen, you must also be in possession of a valid temporary or permanent residence permit. A toleration or residence permit is not sufficient.
In justified individual cases, stateless persons living in Berlin or persons with unclear citizenship from Syria or Iraq with a residence permit are also possible.

Another requirement is that you have the appropriate income to be able to submit a declaration of commitment (see under Documents to be submitted).

In the declaration you undertake to assume all costs for your relative's stay, including accommodation. The costs in the event of need for care and illness are excluded. However, we strongly recommend that you take out appropriate health insurance.

The declaration of commitment does not necessarily have to be made by you, but can also be submitted by third parties who are habitually resident in Germany.