Allows Australia to have dual citizenship

Dual citizenship Australia

Dual citizenship in Australia is your goal. For many German and Austrian citizens, Australia is the country of their dreams and they would like to become Australian citizens without giving up their original citizenship.

Australian citizenship comes with a number of benefits such as

  • apply for an Australian passport.
  • to live and work in Australia without restrictions.
  • Unlimited entry into Australia without the requirements of the resident return visa.
  • to be able to take full advantage of the Australian social security system including the Australian state pension.
  • to be diplomatically represented outside of Australia.

In order not to lose the German or Austrian citizenship, it is necessary to obtain a retention permit from Germany or Austria before accepting citizenship in Australia. Otherwise you will lose your original citizenship as soon as you are naturalized in Australia.

Dual citizenship in Australia will then be conferred in a festive ceremony.

Australia allows dual citizenship and does not require that the original citizenship be given up.

Anyone who already has a permanent residence permit in Australia can, in principle, obtain dual citizenship in Australia and Germany or Austria. For permanent residents, dual citizenship is currently possible if the permanent residence permit was granted at least one year ago and you have been resident in Australia for at least four years. In addition, you have to take the citizenship knowledge test, which consists of 20 multiple-choice questions selected from 200 possible questions. You have to answer three compulsory questions correctly and arrive at a total of at least 60% correctly answered questions, which corresponds to 12 correctly answered questions. Furthermore, you have to prove your good character and have at least a basic knowledge of English.

After the application has been approved, there is usually a solemn ceremony celebrating the new Australian's acceptance into the Australian community. Australian citizenship is transferred.

Your dual citizenship in Australia

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