People have fewer friends as they get older

According to the study: Because of this, intelligent people have fewer friends

It starts in kindergarten and continues to develop throughout our lives: The contact with strangers. While some made firm friendships in their childhood that are still fostered to this day, there are others who have always ended up in the wrong circle and, unfortunately, were only able to make short-term acquaintances with each new phase of life. The size of the network is also different for everyone. Some spend their entire lives with just one or two buddies, while others crave extra attention and make friends with several people. We wondered what the number of friends could mean and came across one particularly interesting study. This says that the number of our closest human beings is related to our intelligence. We are now uncovering what that means exactly. Are you interested in more such topics? Then you should buy the book "Social Intelligence: Who can approach others, has more from life" on Amazon for about 12 euros.

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That's why smart people have fewer friends - according to the study

The contact with many people or the regular meeting with old friends gives you an uncomfortable gut feeling? Even if you may think that something is wrong with you, there is no need to worry. A study has found that this is a quality of highly intelligent people. If you are confused, we will explain it to you. The research examined 15,000 people between the ages of 18 and 28. The scientists linked the following factors: the number of the population in their place of residence, their IQ value, their satisfaction with life and how often they meet up with friends or talk to them on the phone. The result shows that people who spend a lot of time with their acquaintances and live in a less busy area are particularly happy with their situation. For the more intelligent participants, however, the result looks a little different.


Surprisingly, they are even more unhappy with their lives when they have lots of friends and social contacts. The number of the population in their area does not make much difference. Now, however, the question arises, why are smarter people happier with fewer friends? The researchers justify this phenomenon with a connection to our ancestors. In the past, people lived in groups of around 150 to 200 people and fought together for survival. This was the only way for them and their families to survive the days. Intelligent people have gotten used to these instincts over time and now know that their own existence is no longer dependent on the number of people around them, but is also possible on their own. For this reason, they do not make their satisfaction dependent on the number of their comrades. However, this does not mean that people with a high IQ completely forego social contact. They just have fewer comrades and are still happy.

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