What are the best wiccan wards


from Scáthán

Knot Magic:

  • Self cleaning
  • Clean place
  • Earth
  • Calling small people
  • Call for protection and assistance
  • Draw a circle
  • Call on the goddess (white candle), preferably Aradia as the patron goddess of witches all over the world
    I call you, mighty goddess of the moon, and ask you into this sacred circle. Keep watch that night and protect and support me and my project.
    Blessed are you, mighty goddess of love. Keep watch in my heart, let love and peace come, and keep away those who are not well disposed to me by immersing them in your divine light of love. Be blessed, you wise moon goddess Aradia.
    Hail and welcome.
  • Purify the cord by the power of the elements
  • Make a white cord (white stands for protection) from a natural material, e.g. braid and say the saying into it
  • Nine knots are tied into this cord, with each one being tied, a shining shield is visualized, protecting and distracting and deterring attackers by the shining, dazzling moonlight and speaking a line of the spell
  • Then the cord is placed around the person, the ends overlap slightly and then recite the spell a third time, visualizing a bright, shining circle of protection
  • Thank the goddess and say goodbye
  • Open circle
  • Say goodbye to elements
  • Thank little people
  • Eat something
  • The cord will be carried with you later, tied around the stomach in very difficult situations

Magic spell:

Nothing that comes from the north can harm me.

Nothing that comes from the east can harm me.

Nothing that comes from the south can harm me.

Nothing that comes from the west can harm me.

Nothing that comes from below can harm me.

Nothing that comes from above can harm me.

I ask blessings and help, mighty goddess of the moon, for my wishes.

I ask blessings and help, mighty goddess of the moon, for my will.

I ask blessings and help, mighty goddess of the moon, for my chariot.

For the good and the best of all.

So mote it be.

Moon assignment

  • Increasing Moon
    Magically, this phase is suitable for all spells that are supposed to build, enlarge, improve and grow something. It is also ideal for protective spells and healing spells to gain permanent protection or
  • Waning moon
    (if the spell is to ward off or reduce something to banish evil)

Weekday / planet assignment:

  • Tuesday (Mars = protection / courage / defense / conflict resolution; 10:00 p.m.) or
  • Saturday (Saturn = protection / defense; 10:00 p.m.) or
  • Monday (connection to the moon)

Incense for protection:

  • Protection incense or sage


  • White
    (Protection, purity, peace, truth, honesty, help, dampens impatience, helps to strengthen the inner driving force and to properly implement experiences for yourself and others)


  • radiant shield with a pentacle on it


  • Moon goddesses
  • Aradia:
    According to the book "Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches" (Aradia - The teachings of the witches)
    Diana gave birth to a daughter who was named Aradia through an act of procreation with her brother Lucifer.
    Diana sent her daughter to earth to teach witchcraft to enslaved, oppressed women and men.
    She became the first witch, the queen of witches. She promised people freedom from slavery and thus general freedom.
    After her teachings, she returned to her mother, but her magical powers are still effective on earth and can be used in rituals and invocations.