When did Twin Peaks jump the shark?

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Danger! The following text reveals the end of the third season of 'Twin Peaks' from 2017! If you want to read a largely spoiler-free text, you will find my general discussion here. For the rest of you, let's talk about Judy!

The final episodes of 'Twin Peaks' seasons are notorious. The first ended up with about 8 cliffhangers, the second with as many as you can fit in 40 minutes. During the course of the third season it became clear that Lynch had no interest in clearing up all the questions. But in episode 17 he at least pretended that everything would come to a very elegant end.

Gordon Cole explains what Judy is. A Mesopotamian utukku, a description of an extreme negativity that the Sumerians called Jowday. And today just Judy. But wait a minute, how does this help us here? Not at all, but don't worry, we'll come back to Judy / Jowday.

The last episode had a real “fist in the air” moment when Agent Cooper finally (finally !!) returns (“I AM the FBI!”). Now he's on his way to Twin Peaks with his casino boss / showgirls entourage. Likewise Cole and company. Doppelganger Mr. C has also arrived very close to Twin Peaks on his coordinate hunt. Exactly at the place where Andy entered the Giant / Fireman's house a few episodes ago (is this building the White Lodge, the counterpart of the Black Lodge?). What exactly is Mr. C / BOB looking for in the coordinates? I'll have a theory on that later. The fact is that the coordinates have so far turned out to be traps. In the first, he only escaped the flames because he (I see right, he was conceived as Mr. C, who raped Audrey, who was in a coma after the bank explosion at the end of season 2), right? why Audrey then had a picture of Agent Cooper on the wall, as Richard says. But in relation to Audrey it makes little sense ...). This time he ends up in a cage in the fireman's house (by the way, I love that the Twin Peaksian CGI doesn't give a damn about realism!), Which promptly takes him to the sheriff's station of Twin Peaks, where all the dominoes are now lined up to destroy BOBs , sends.

He's being admitted to the sheriff's, but luckily, Lucy now understands how cell phones work (do they really? I would keep them away from firearms for safety in the near future ...) and shoots Mr. C in the head. The rest of the people arrive and the "Woodsmen" manipulate a BOB orb out of the corpse. He attacks Cooper directly, but is beaten to pieces by Freddie Sykes with his magical gardening glove (Hi, dear readers, who read this even though they don't know the series. Would really like to see your faces right now ...). There is not much time left for joy. But at least there is enough time for the eyeless, beeping Naido to turn out to be a real Diane (yay!). Cooper, Cole and Diane are promptly transported to the boiler room of the Great Northern Hotel. And I'm sure in the end, Mr. C's coordinates would have put him right here. Why? Because the door in the basement is a gateway to February 23, 1989. And what does BOB want above all else? Take possession of Laura Palmer! And here would be the opportunity before MIKE can intervene. But even these coordinates would have been a trap. Because Mr. C would not have had the key to the door and would probably have met security guard Freddie Sykes, who can destroy BOB. Side note: the "drunk" with the bleeding wounds in prison. In my opinion this is the often mentioned "Billy". Eventually we learn that Billy was bleeding from his mouth the last time he was seen. And what is Billy doing here? He always repeats what is last heard, just like "Dougie Jones". Is Billy possibly not drunk at all, but also a (a?) Tulpa? If Lynch ever does season 4, I want to see this unseen story!

Anyway, now Cooper walks through the door and we land in the finale of 'Fire Walk With Me'. Cooper stands in Laura's path before meeting Ronette, Leo, and Jaques. And because she saw him in a dream, she trusts him. Cooper leads them away (where? Back to the future?). The next day Pete Martell goes fishing and finds no corpse "wrapped in plastic!" On the beach. Evil is vanquished, the girl is saved. The finale negates the series, the Twin Peaks events never take place. A brilliant ending and ... oh, is there another episode? Correct. And so Laura disappears into the night with a scream that cannot be found.

Oh yeah, and Sarah Palmer is there too. As soon as Laura escapes death, she screams angrily in the future of 2016 and destroys a photo of her daughter with a broken bottle. In “The Final Dossier”, Mark Frost confirms an idea of ​​mine: Sarah Palmer was the girl who in 1956 crawled into her mouth. We also remember what happened in the trucker bar when the man molested her. A guess comes to mind. The Twin Peaks Wiki also tells me that her full name is “Sarah Judith Palmer "reads. Is Sarah Palmer Judy / Jowday? Is Laura Palmer the daughter of two extreme, negative forces? Isn't it just people who create their own worst horrors, is it also the monsters who ultimately give birth to love and hope? I think that falls short of the mark. The incarnation of Judy / Jowday is probably the being that appeared in the glass case in New York. That was at the heart of the nuclear explosion and puked horror. Including not only BOB, but also lots of eggs. The creature that Sarah took over hatched from such an egg. Sarah is not Judy / Jowday, just an agent of hers. Later more.

Let's get to part 18. Dougie is back! And the Jones ‘get one of those happy endings that Lynch doesn't give so unruly. Cooper is back at the lodge, MIKE's question “is it future or is it past?” Finally makes full sense. And Lauras is also torn out of the lodge. Leland repeats his command from the beginning of the series "Find Laura!". Cooper appears in the plane ring, meets Diane. And now it's getting really strange. You drive 430 miles and seem to be immersed in a parallel world. They have sex with each other in a motel, but it becomes more and more uncomfortable the longer it lasts. The next morning we find out why. Linda wrote a farewell message to Richard. Apparently the two in this world are Richard and Linda. The giant / fireman hinted at something like this in Part 1. Richard / Cooper is far less sociable and focused like a shark on his target: find Laura!

In Odessa, Texas, he sees a diner called "Eat at Judy’s". An obvious starting point. After effectively defeating three aggressive cowboys, Richard / Cooper has the address of another waitress written down: Carrie Page. Near Page's house he sees the power pole with the 6 on it, which we saw for the first time in the trailer park in 'Fire Walk With Me' and also several times in this series. It almost always indicates supernatural beings. The presence of the ghosts of the lodge seems to be assumed. Carrie is actually played by Sheryl Lee, but doesn't know the name Laura. But she likes the idea of ​​leaving town and going to Twin Peaks. Not least because a corpse with a large hole in its forehead is sitting on her sofa. A corpse that looks a bit like BOB with its long, greasy hair. Why wasn't Carrie surprised to find an FBI man knocking? Why didn't she warn him about the corpse? We do not find out.

A long drive to TP follows. I really enjoyed these meditative scenes in contrast to the rest of the episode, which I found a bit frustrating at times. Once in TP, Laura doesn't recognize anything. You arrive at the Palmer house. Beat. A stranger opens. Sarah Palmer doesn't know her. Richard / Cooper is confused, disoriented, a little like Phillip Jeffries in Philadelphia in 1988. What year is it? He asks, like an echo of MIKE's question. Then Carrie hears Sarah Palmer calling the name Laura. She screams like only Sheryl Lee can, the lights go out in the house. End.

Yeah In part 17, Lynch closes three doors, here he pushes open about eighteen new ones. Let's see the end. That can certainly be understood as part of his criticism of nostalgia. The woman at the door is played by Mary Reber. The woman who actually owns the “Palmer House”. You can't go back after 25 years and expect to find everything as it was. This is the cold, harsh reality. Here FBI agents are not lovable coffee addicts, but purposeful, efficient and cold. Real people live in the Palmer House. That was it. It's over. Now go away!

But it's not that easy for Lynch after all. The owner introduces herself as Mrs. Tremond. She bought the house from a Mrs. Chalfond. These names set the alarm bells ringing for series connoisseurs. Mrs. Tremond is the old woman who gave Laura the picture through which she first came to the lodge in a dream. It was later part of their “Meals on Wheels” route. She also lived in Deer Meadows shortly before Theresa Banks was murdered (here she used the name Chalfond!). Agent Desmond disappeared where her trailer was in the trailer park. She was present at the meeting between Arm and Bob above the convenience store. In short, she is another spirit of the lodge. In other words, the ghosts of the lodge are active here.

What does that mean now? What is this parallel world? Did Judy Create It? Is she trying to kill Laura here now? Was that why there was a BOB-like dead person in your house? And has Cooper brought her closer to Judy's center of power? Or worse, did the Fireman create this world to hide Laura? After all, it was Leland who asked Cooper to find Laura. Her rapist and killer (obsessed with BOB, sure, but Fire Walk With Me is far less generous to Leland in that regard). Now, has Cooper fed her directly to Judy in his attempt to help?

And symbolically, what is Judy now? Let me elaborate on this a little further. 'Twin Peaks' has always been Laura Palmer's story. She may be dead at the beginning of the series, but there is a Laura-shaped hole everywhere. The authors of the second season did not understand that and thus created a lot of meandering nonsense. And while BOB represents direct violence, direct abuse to Laura, Judy is silence. The secrets. The impossibility of being able to confide in yourself. She is the demon who drove a 17 year old girl into a life of drugs and hedonism. But because Laura is Laura, she made sure not to drag anyone away. Not Donna, not James, not even Bobby. Just as she resisted BOB to the last and gave Ronette the chance to escape, so she resisted Judy to the last. Part 8 turned Twin Peaks into an epic battle between good and evil. But one that is not fought on battlefields, but in bedrooms, schools, dirty bars and romantic, weird, small towns. The everyday abuse and the silence about it, that is the real evil that Lynch presents to us here. The American common names of his monsters confirm this.

And so it is a fight that is not won by saving a victim, be it Laura Palmer. That's an ample downer ending. But as long as we have the Lauras and Dales of these (and parallel) worlds by our side, at least the battle is not lost.

I have no idea how big the overlap is between readers of the film clearing and people who saw 'Twin Peaks' (2017). I suspect very small to nonexistent. I wrote this text mainly because I wanted to capture some of my thoughts. However, if someone reads it and finds it helpful: so much the better!

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