How is modern Chinese society


Sports policy and the Olympics

Sport is a field of cultural and creative activity, a close relative of the arts. Sporting activity stages dramatic stories. Precisely for this reason, political restraint is required for sports organizations, refraining from heroically plunging into escalating daily political turmoil, as some would like to see.

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Olympic moment

According to the will of the Chinese leadership, the 2008 Olympic Games should show how far the country has come with its modernization course over the past thirty years: The country's return to the world stage, its integration into the world economy and the international community are to be celebrated.

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Fringe sports:

Without the Olympics, everything is nothing - the associations of fringe sports in particular know that. While the German Football Association can cope with not being there again, it looks very different for the little ones. For them, "being there" is not just an Olympic motto, but survival insurance.

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