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Universities in the USA require by international students who want to spend a semester abroad on campus, proof of adequate insurance coverage. This usually includes health, repatriation, accident, personal liability insurance and - this is optional - luggage insurance. Which Features the insurance must have and how high the amounts insured will be set individually by each university.

Usually, proof of insurance cover does not have to be submitted until shortly before the beginning or in the first days of the semester abroad, so that the purchase of insurance is one of the last steps before departure, but its importance should not be underestimated. For one thing, you can if there is no insurance coverage do not participate in the university's exchange program and your Visa is automatically at risk. One consequence of this could be the immediate expulsion from the USA. On the other hand, there are the possible Medical treatment costs in case of illness exorbitantly high in the USAso under no circumstances is it advisable to enter the United States without insurance.

There are only a few providers who offer suitable products for a study visit to the USA. Insurance broker Dr. Walter GmbH. The following insurances are recommended for a semester abroad:

If you decide to stay longer than just one semester in the USA, PROTRIP-WORLD travel insurance is recommended for you. Here all the important requirements for travel insurance are met, which ensures smooth support in all conceivable situations. You can find more information and booking options here.