Who is the strongest hero

Who is the strongest hero / villain?

To everyone who is more familiar with the manga or the comics, who exactly is Blast? What is your guess?

So far you have only seen a kind of silhouette, an outline that makes him look like Saitama. He also wears similar clothing that is said to be blue.

They say it should look just like the previous Saitama with hair. Is it related to Saitama and how strong is it anyway?

Since few know of Saitama's true strength, he would have to be about as strong as Boros, since Boros came to earth to beat the one who has such immense strength, and that should probably be blast and not Saitama, da blast even before Saitama was active as an underground hero, while Saitama has not yet discovered his potential.

I think Boros and Blast should be about the same.

Do you think that maybe at the end of One Punch Man (which will definitely take years) someone can take on Saitama and maybe even be stronger than him?

I know that it is constantly being declared a parody anime, but in my and many eyes it is not. There are just as deep, sad and serious events happening in the anime. Comedy is just part of this. Parody is an insult to that in my eyes.