Which certificate courses are advantageous for the MBA?

Current success story: Interview with MBA graduate Peter Wollny "The MBA course at the HNU has significantly expanded my horizons again"

Center for further education: “Congratulations, Mr. Wollny. We were pleased to learn that you are now the medical director of AnästhesieAgentur Personaldienstleistungen GmbH, which belongs to the Hire a Doctor Group, an established personnel service provider in the healthcare sector.

Would you say that your career advancement into management was also facilitated by obtaining your academic degree, the Master of Business Administration, which you successfully completed in 2019? "

Peter Wollny: “Without further training I would certainly not have achieved this position. In the end, I “only” completed a medical degree and then acquired everything else in terms of knowledge myself. So the MBA was extremely helpful in preparing for such a position. "

Center for further education: “Every professional further education is also a personal development. Which skills and knowledge for your new position were you able to develop in your part-time studies? "

Peter Wollny: “It helped me a lot that the spectrum in the MBA was very broad. So I had the opportunity for myself to deepen exactly the topics that are useful for my job. I was able to gain significantly more knowledge, especially in business management topics. "

Center for Further Education: “Surveys with our graduates have shown us that the decision to study an MBA is not made spontaneously, but rather matures over a longer period of time and is often part of precise career planning. How long have you been thinking about doing an MBA and what ultimately made the difference for you to start studying? "

Peter Wollny: “I actually wanted to start much earlier, but then pushed it back again because it worked better for the family. The compatibility of family, studies and work has often been a small balancing act over time. But then the children were a bit older, so it was easier for us as a family. "

Center for further education: "In your opinion, what qualities should an MBA student have in order to successfully complete the in-service further education?"

Peter Wollny: “I think ambition is one of the most important qualities. It takes stamina to successfully complete your degree. But you should also bring along curiosity and a desire for new things. "

Center for further education:"Why did you opt for a part-time course with a combination of face-to-face events and e-learning elements and not for a purely online course?"

Peter Wollny: “When I was studying medicine, I preferred to study in groups because that way you can always motivate each other. That was also the deciding factor for the MBA. It has also shown that it was the right decision - also because friendships have formed during the time. "

The Hire a Doctor Group is an established personnel service provider in the healthcare sector and mediates nationwide
Doctors, nursing and rescue personnel as well as other medical and therapeutic staff
Skilled workers for short-term representation in hospitals, (rehabilitation) clinics, medical practices, care facilities
and emergency services. In addition, the group supports health institutions in filling
Specialist and management positions in the medical and commercial sector.

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