Canadians like American cheese

Typical dishes in Canada

When you think of Canada, long winters, ice hockey, wild nature, moose and bears probably come to mind.

But what you definitely don't think about is world-famous cuisine that has something for every taste. I will now show you a few typical local dishes from Canada that you should definitely try on your stay abroad. So you get very close to typical Canadian everyday life.

The poutine is the most typical national dish in Canada. It has its origin in Quebec, the French part of Canada. Very quickly this dish spread across the country. And not without reason! Psst ... It's definitely my all-time favorite dish in Canada.

The poutine is a large serving of french fries soaked in a brown gravy. This is rounded off with a large portion of grated cheese. Healthy is clearly different. The poutine is particularly popular with Canadians after a long night of partying or a small snack in between.

What the poutine is as a dish Caesar as a drink. A typical Canadian cocktail that is not particularly sweet, but rather hearty. Around 350 million Caesars are served annually in Canada. That's a record-breaking number. The cocktail includes vodka, clamato juice, Worchester sauce, Tabasco sauce and is served with lots of ice and celery.

Danger: Of course, this cocktail is also available without alcohol. So if you are not yet 21 years old, you should take the alcohol-free version here.

Pierogies are probably more familiar to you from your vacation in Eastern Europe. However, they were brought to Canada by Ukrainian immigrants. They are probably more common in Canada than in their country of origin. Pierogies are small dumplings filled with meat, potatoes, vegetables or cheese. They are served hot and help weather the particularly cold winters in Canada. They taste really delicious!

If you prefer something sweeter, you absolutely have to Tim Horton's donuts try. Tim Hortons is a large Canadian chain and specializes in specialty coffees and donuts. In the meantime, she has expanded her product range to include a large lunch program. Without these donuts, the Canadians can't do anything. Fight your way through the queue at lunchtime and try one. I tell you, it's really worth it!

Just like in the US, they are Pancakes with maple syrup also very popular in neighboring Canada. Canadians eat them at any time of the day as they can be enjoyed sweet or savory.

Also Mac & Cheese belongs in every Canadian household. Pasta with lots of cheese. Who can't like that? It's also super fast and easy to do at home during your lunch break! When you live with a host family, this is part of your everyday life in Canada.


Does your mouth water while reading? So to me already!

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