Asian girls have tighter vaginas

Length of the vagina

With the vagina, genital lips and clitoral tip there are big differences in shape, width and length. These differences are precious and unique and make every woman special!

The often widespread fear of being “too far” is unfounded. Rather, it is important to ensure that the woman's arousal has built up strong enough before sexual intercourse occurs. Only then is the vagina so well supplied with blood that it is sufficiently “swollen” and the so-called “orgasmic cuff” is formed. As a result, the vagina, at the entrance to the vagina, becomes narrower and encloses the partner's penis.

When a woman is aroused, not only does a vaginal lubricating film form (the woman becomes “wet”), but also the strong blood flow to the vagina and the female cavernous bodies, which is necessary for pleasurable sexuality. The clitoral complex becomes larger and more sensitive to touch, the inner genital lips swell two or three times and open to reveal the vaginal entrance. The first third of the vagina becomes narrower due to the increased blood flow and thus creates the "orgasmic cuff" that can be adapted to any penis size. Only through all these processes is sexual intercourse that is pleasurable for both possible.

Many problems with sexuality arise because the woman and her partner do not give each other the time that the woman needs to be fully aroused. Just as the fully erect penis is only ready for sexual intercourse, the vagina is only ready for it when there is sufficient blood flow. Very many couples take a pleasurable experience for themselves by disregarding this.

A British study began in 2005 to “measure women”. 50 women between 18 and 50 years of age were examined. Despite the big differences, all of these women felt they were "normal":

  • Length of the vagina: 65-125 mm
  • Width of the inner genital lips (labia minora): 7-50 mm
  • Length of the inner genital lips: 20-100 mm
  • Length of the outer genital lips (labia majora): 70-120 mm
  • Length of the clitoral tip: 5-35 mm
  • Width of the clitoral tip: 3-10 mm

(Source: J Lloyd, LM Liao, S Creighton, Female genital appearance: “normality” anfolds, British Journal of Obsterics and Gynäkoloy (BJOG) 2005; Vol. 112, pp. 643-646)

Standard measurements are irrelevant in real life, it is more important to discover a pleasurable, fulfilling sexuality together with your partner. Regardless of whether the vagina - or the penis as its counterpart - is long or short: there are numerous positions for sexual intercourse that allow deeper or less deep penetration.

The size or shape of the inner and outer genital lips as well as the clitoral tip (which, like the tip of an iceberg, is only the visible part of an entire clitoral complex) are naturally very different or change in the course of life, e.g. after birth.

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