What does a senior consultant do

Raised to Senior Consultant

Finding solutions to complex issues at top management level, working in highly motivated teams and benefiting from in-depth industry expertise - these were my reasons for joining the auditing and consulting company Deloitte. A report from Daniel Zimmermann.

Daniel Zimmermann
Studied International Management (Double Degree BBA / BSC) at Lancaster University Management School and ESB Business School Reutlingen
joined in 2011
as a consultant at Deloitte
ascended in 2013
as Senior Consultant at Deloitte

After graduating in International Management from Lancaster University, England, I joined Deloitte in Munich as a consultant at the end of 2011. From day one, I was involved in exciting projects in a wide variety of industries, including teleshopping and trucks. My tasks were very diverse: from classic qualitative market research to highly complex quantitative data analyzes. In this way, I was able to gain interesting insights into previously unknown industries in a very short time and learn how to structure complex questions and thus work out the best possible solution for the customer.

It was particularly appealing that I was responsible for my own work packages and sub-areas right from the start and accompanied them through to the end of the project - I learned very quickly to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines. In addition, I had direct customer contact very early on and was able to bring my own ideas and concepts into the projects. I was integrated into the team from the start: whether with a consultant, manager or partner - you will always find an open door for ideas and support. The company also promotes this good cooperation through annual skiing trips, various sporting events or simply weekly meetings among colleagues after work.

Deloitte also gave me the opportunity to shape my career inside and outside the company with the help of my personal career coach. Together we have developed a strategic plan on how I can reach the next level in my career, namely Senior Consultant, and complete a sponsored postgraduate master's degree. This planning is updated at regular intervals and I will soon be starting my master’s degree. In addition, I try to develop myself further in the direction of my personal area of ​​interest - the automotive industry. Especially with a view to a future managerial role, it is important to position yourself at an early stage and to develop special expertise in a subject area or an industry. So I hope to take the next step to become a manager soon after completing my master’s degree. There is no such thing as a classic "day-to-day consultancy". This was one of the reasons I chose this career path. A lot of variety and constantly new questions make every day a new challenge. In addition to a variety of content, I've also been gaining experience in countries such as the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Great Britain and China since I started. There I was able to work with colleagues on exciting projects and gain new insights into foreign cultures and ways of working.

In my new position as Senior Consultant, I am now looking forward to taking on even more responsibility and working on sub-projects together with younger colleagues. I try to coach the younger colleagues and at the same time continue to benefit from the experience of my older colleagues. Of course, always with the goal, expectations and ideas of our customers in mind. To ensure the first-class quality of work that we expect, it is important that we benefit not only from our own local experience, but also from our experience as an international company with a wide range of content. With over 200,000 employees, we can offer this to our customers.

In addition to strong analytical skills, a consultant therefore needs strong social skills. As a global company, we are in constant contact with our colleagues from all over the world - I am currently working in a team made up of colleagues from China, Canada, Korea and Germany. I really enjoy my work and I am always happy to familiarize myself with new topics and get to know people from different cultures. International and demanding projects confirm that I have made the right career choice, even after more than two years.