Why is nursing school difficult

Is Nursing Education Very Difficult?

MTAF, ex. GuK
Current area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication
Internal medicine (cardiology, pulmonology)
exam. Health and nurse
I find that training is difficult. What you need is interest and motivation, then the training is feasible. For me it is now the 2nd job and also the one that I would like to do until the end, if possible. That's why it's no problem for me to learn every day. If you study an hour a day, then that is already doable. Of course, it also depends on your previous knowledge and age. When I look at my class like that, they are anything but motivated and we have intermediate exams next week. I'm curious what the grade point average is.
I think it makes a difference whether you become a geriatric nurse or a nurse, but as a nurse you also have to do with old people, including those with dementia. And as a student you have to take on a little more intensive supervision for it. Sometimes more and sometimes less responsibility. Sometimes you have to come up with a lot. You mustn't be afraid of the responsibility, because students have, depending on how you do yourself, relatively early.

Oh yes, about the internship. Write in your application that you are considering becoming a nurse and that they should send you to a "harder" ward. It doesn't do you any good if you're on the ENT ward or something.