How do teachers lie

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Knietzsche, the smallest philosopher in the world

  • Do parents lie when they tell their children about the Easter Bunny? Rights: WDR

Lies, white lies, and courtesy lies

Knietzsche thinks that not all lies are reprehensible. Working individually or in pairs, the class collects different types of lies - those that should not be told and those for which there is a reason. To do this, they can use the cards drawn on worksheet 2 "Lies". They are sorted and discussed on a wall newspaper or on the blackboard. Some cases are discussed: are the lies excusable or not?

The teacher can introduce the terms white lie and polite lie.

As an alternative, the collection of lies on Worksheet 3 "Make up your mind" can be used.

Then the students collect other words for lies and sort them according to their meaning - bad or less bad? For example cheat, fool, deceive, cheat, err.

Students should also consider the consequences of lying. To do this, they put themselves in the shoes of the angelic - how do they feel when they find out they have been lied to? To do this, they can use the cases on Worksheet 3 or a selection of the examples that the children have collected themselves (Worksheet 2 "Lies").