How do I improve technical probing skills

What is it about?Young people who are in the 8th grade, but are already in the 9th or even 10th grade, face a very special challenge. Since compulsory schooling ends, they have to decide how their further education should look like: secondary school or apprenticeship? For those who want to start an apprenticeship but have not yet found a suitable position, this workshop offers the appropriate support. What is happening?Nothing like getting out of school and going to work? Many young people have very specific ideas about how they should continue after compulsory schooling. If you are already in the eighth grade in your individual ninth year of school attendance, you have to be clear about which apprenticeship you want to learn, because companies advertise the best apprenticeships as early as January / February. So time is of the essence and good advice, they say, is expensive. But not with us: “Next stop: Apprenticeship” offers free support on the way to your own apprenticeship.
The workshop helps young people to sound out their own strengths and interests, shows possibilities for researching professions and provides information about important advice and useful points of contact for all aspects of teaching. In a further step, the participants receive helpful tips for preparing their application documents.
Workshop contents:
  • Reflecting on your own strengths and exploring your professional interests
  • Research on professional fields
  • Assistance with application documents
  • Possibility of making an appointment with the youth advisor of the Public Employment Service (AMS)
 Who is there?
  • Participants: Pupils in the 8th grade, but in the individual 9th ​​or 10th year of school attendance who do not yet have an apprenticeship position
  • Contributors: Employees of the Public Employment Service (AMS) / BerufsInfoZentrum (BIZ), employees of autArK, subject specialists of the Chamber of Commerce (WK), possibly teachers
 Timeframea day