What is PPT Outsourcing

Outsourcing Powerpoint presentation

Outsourcing is a corporate strategy that shifts individual areas and services of a business process to suppliers. Targeted outsourcing and the use of upstream suppliers often save costs in the areas of production, development and services. It is therefore a strategic instrument to secure the market position for the company and makes it possible to concentrate fully on the core business and to take advantage of cost advantages. 

The outsourcing of services also creates a quick and flexible response to changes. This means that you can react more quickly to fluctuations in capacity because the external service providers are integrated into the value chain. The basis of effective outsourcing is therefore the resource planning, which is implemented and controlled with the help of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). When planning outsourcing, it is always important that important key competencies, know-how and technologies are not outsourced in order not to become dependent on external service providers. Because the potential loss of knowledge is one of the greatest risks for companies here.

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