Why do I feel so clueless

Translation of "clueless" in German

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clueless at a loss no idea
It's amazing how clueless people are.
Well, they're adorable and eager and absolutely clueless.
Well, the two are adorable and inquisitive, but absolutely clueless.
We were charged twice by the hotel - some staff appeared a little clueless.
We were double burdened by the hotel - some of the staff were a little at a loss.
Look, Jesse, I'm not totally clueless.
Look ... Jesse, I'm ... not total haphazardly.
A. clueless, emotionally stunted workaholic?
One haphazard, emotionally numb workhorse?
Nice parents, but absolutely clueless.
And now i feel as clueless, hopeless little you.
And now I feel like clueless, hopelessly little you.
Oh, you sweet, clueless little muffin.
Your Honor, I'm officially clueless.
Regina seems as clueless as the rest of us.
Regina seems the same clueless to be like the rest of us
I kept looking at the clock and sighing ... Totally clueless.
I went on, looking at the clock to see the sigh - totally at a loss.
Nice guys ... but absolutely clueless.
Wait for your clueless husband ... to start his day.
The clueless American public would demand answers.
The unsuspecting American public would demand answers.
We stayed together in front of the taverna shocked and clueless for a while.
We stood for a while at a loss and shocked together in front of the tavern.
However, at that point I was completely clueless.
But at that point I was utterly clueless.
The support is clueless about terms on offers and the software kept freezing up on me.
The support is at a loss About terms of offers and the software kept freezing on me.
In the clueless about everything that isn't this show.
Dan Humphrey, shoeless and clueless.
Dan Humphrey, barefoot and at a loss.
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