How do I use bluetooth

What is bluetooth and how does it work?

Whether for cell phones, notebooks or tablets: Many technology users ask themselves "What is Bluetooth?". The simple ad hoc network technology is now so widespread that headphones and kitchen appliances are equipped with it. Behind the unusual term is a technology for the simple exchange of data over short distances.

Definition: what is bluetooth?

The term “Bluetooth” is based on an industrial standard developed in the 1990s for the radio transmission of all types of data. In contrast to more complex data transmission technologies such as WLAN, Bluetooth specializes on the one hand in particularly short distances of a few meters and on the other in a particularly simple connection .

Pairing very easy

The so-called “pairing” of devices works accordingly very simply by entering an access code. Then two Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a notebook and a mobile phone, can exchange data such as music, videos or pictures. Bluetooth is also used very often for communication with wireless accessories such as hands-free kits or headphones and microphones.

How does bluetooth work? Technology and compatibility

The devices equipped with Bluetooth have a small microchip with a transmitter and receiver unit. Each device receives a unique, 48-bit serial number so that it can be uniquely identified within a Bluetooth network. So that the devices can establish an optimal connection, you should always have the latest Bluetooth version. Bluetooth 4.0 and the extensions 4.1 and 4.2 are currently up-to-date, which have significantly reduced the energy consumption of the connection technology.

If your device doesn't have the latest Bluetooth standard, you don't necessarily have to worry. Many devices with the new Bluetooth version are also downward compatible, according to "". So if, for example, your smartphone has a newer version than the loudspeaker in the bathroom, the spark usually still works. Only devices such as smartwatches, which rely on very low energy consumption, absolutely need the latest standard. It is best to find out more about its compatibility before buying a device.

Connect via Bluetooth: Two requirements are important

Two important prerequisites must be met in order to set up a Bluetooth network: On the one hand, the devices must be in the immediate vicinity. Incidentally, the range is different depending on the Bluetooth class. The following table provides an overview of the current device classes:

Bluetooth classRange
I.100 meters
II20 metres
III10 meters

The classes differ depending on the needs of the device. Loudspeakers tend to work with class I or II, whereas smartwatches or headphones that are worn close to the transmitter use the energy-saving class II.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth readiness to receive must be activated on both devices. By the way, connections with more than two devices are also possible. The data transfer rates are usually slower than with a USB or network cable, so files that are too large should not be sent.