How can a writer make money online

Make money as a writer

Can you really make money as a writer?

It is a fine thing to belong to the writing guild. Sometimes, however, you forget that you can also make money as an author. The source of money can and should of course be book sales, author contracts and readings. In this article, however, I would like to give you a few additional tips on how to sell as a Author make money can.

Authors website

Many authors can already be found on Xing, Facebook, Twitter & Co. That also makes sense, because with these platforms you can easily access a broad audience. Nevertheless, as an author, you should also maintain your own author website. After all, the digital world also plays a decisive role for authors. The online portfolio is therefore correspondingly important: the author's website. In addition to the CV, reading samples, excerpts from the books, reader or press feedback and a link to buy the book should be included here.

I know several authors who do not dare to approach the subject of "websites" because they shy away from the effort on the one hand and the costs on the other. Both are, however, unjustified. Okay: As far as the effort goes, you have to invest some time. But in terms of costs, you can now get a decent website for a slim euro. All you need is a “storage space on the Internet” (server). Good solutions are available from 4-5 euros. Of course also cheaper, but I would choose a storage package (hosting package) that includes a database in order to remain flexible for the future. Providers are for example:

Let's come to design: Of course, everyone can come up with a design to the best of their knowledge. But in most cases I would recommend letting web designers do this work. It would be a shame if you wrote a book for years and then presented your work in the wrong light. In particular got to Nobody today has a “bad” website because there are thousands of professional solutions available for free or for little money. For example, you can find more than 1,400 ready-made layouts (themes) for WordPress in the official directory.

However, if you want to use free themes, you have to live with annoying backlinks to the developer websites in most cases. This is understandable “in return” for the free design, but it is still annoying. Much worse, however, is that malicious code is repeatedly built into free WordPress themes. If you are familiar with HTML, CSS and PHP, you can track it down and delete it. Less experienced users will be less fortunate here, however. Ultimately, the use of free themes remains your decision. If you can track down potential malicious code or have it tracked down and removed, there is nothing wrong with using free WordPress themes.

Otherwise I would rather recommend premium WordPress themes, which you can get for 10 to 30 euros. The advantages are, on the one hand, that the themes are always kept “up-to-date” so that they also work in the latest browsers. There is also support and updates - and above all, the features are more extensive than with free templates. And of course you will usually not find any malicious code with paid themes, as the developers want to earn money with their themes.

Affiliate program

Anyone who advertises their books on their own website should also offer them for sale right away. There are plenty of shop providers here that you could cobble a customer into. Some publishers also want visitors to the author's website to be redirected to the publisher's shop page.

However, many book lovers have great confidence in Amazon - and therefore a link to the Amazon shop should not be missing. And now comes the good part: Register with the Amazon partner program and link your books using the partner link. On this you get extra money for every sale. For a book of 20 euros, this is around 1 euros. However, it is even better that every further sale (cross-selling) is also credited to your account with a fee.

In addition to Amazon, there are of course hundreds of other partner programs that offer books. Here are a few partner shops that I use:

Using shop portals correctly: profile and tags

Since we're on the subject of Amazon: Amazon - like some other shop portals - offers every author a free short profile, which can be equipped with a profile picture, a vita and descriptions of his works. A good service to use.

You should also tag your books sensibly. It is difficult to find a single book among the millions of books. Many shops therefore offer the option of tagging products. As an author, you should take advantage of this offer. The more sensibly your book is tagged, the better it will be found. Attention. Tags like “exciting” or “great” can almost be saved. Try to keyword your book as precisely as possible.

VG word

I admit: until recently I wasn't a member of VG Wort either. Actually, I wasn't particularly interested in VG Wort. Stupid: because VG Wort is to authors what Gema is to musicians. Put simply: libraries, manufacturers of printers, copiers and scanners, copy shops and much more. pay money to VG Wort and VG Wort forwards their income (at least part of it) to the registered authors. The whole thing is then called royalties. Depending on the distribution of your work, you will get more or less money from VG Wort. Provided that the book has reached a certain number of copies sold and a certain circulation in the libraries. Now, as a rule, these will not be riches. But every euro counts, I think. Besides, apart from the one-time registration of his work, there is no work. VG Wort also pays authors of web texts. After successfully registering, you can order tracking pixels. So if you publish an HTML document, you include a 1 × 1 pixel graphic in your document. If a visitor now comes by, this will be counted by the VG-Wort.

It is of course important that the lyrics come from you. In addition, they must have at least 1,800 keystrokes, with and a minimum number of calls. For 1,500 hits there are then 20.00 euros. From 3,000 accesses 25.00 euros and from 10,000 accesses even 30.00 euros

Write texts for other websites

Another source of money are “third-party websites”. Since many webmasters either do not have the time or the ability to create professional text, there is a trend towards buying blog text for the web. If you trust yourself or have fun writing texts for other websites, you can take a look at Brokerage services such as Textbroker or take risk. Further platforms would be the young portals Artikelpark or Suite101. The latter, however, does not pay any fees, but an advertising participation.

Most of the time, you get better conditions if you don't use switching services and offer your services privately / commercially via direct contact. But this also requires a lot of acquisition work, so that content exchanges are definitely a convenient solution for making money with writing. Either way, you should be aware that you are writing texts as a service provider: it is not about your own ego.

Secondary use

The principle of secondary recycling is particularly useful for specialist articles. This is by no means reprehensible, it is daily business for freelance journalists. In principle, the question arises as to whether I will sell a text exclusively at a “good” price or accept a little less money, but only grant the simple right of use. In the latter case, I can use my texts for other purposes, for example offer regional newspapers, publish them as e-books or use them as articles on my own website.

Some publishers offer both options as an option: At, articles including exclusive exploitation rights can be transferred, for which there is a fee. Or you just grant the simple right of use and can continue to use the article. Then you only get a success commission after clicks.

Advice texts

For some, advice texts could also be a good way to make a small additional income. The online retailer Marcato, for example, offers a comprehensive B2B range in various product categories: from office supplies to IT requirements as well as materials for hotels and restaurants through to factory and warehouse equipment. Anyone who would like to support customers in choosing products can write explanatory texts and purchasing guides. These texts should be informative, correctly researched and unique in their wording. Anyone who is very familiar with certain topics or industries and is able to formulate their knowledge can write. As a reward, there is a fee of up to 75 euros.

More tips

In principle, it doesn't do any harm to be active in blogs and on web portals. clear: the more people read an author, the greater the chances of getting writing assignments.

But this is not about “writing at any price”. The decisive factor is not the quantity, but the quality of the contributions. After all, the merit depends on previous reviews. References and positive reviews are essential for copywriters to get jobs. You shouldn't shy away from guest articles. Here, too, the following applies: the more readers, the higher the chance of becoming “known”.

It is also advisable to have ready-made sample texts in the drawer (300 to 500 words). You usually have to submit such texts as reference texts.

Okay, I hope I could give you a suggestion or two.

If you have further ideas: always bring them to us!