How does a Pisces woman show love

The Pisces woman swims in the ocean of emotions

The Pisces woman gazes dreamily and meekly into the world - and sooner or later she realizes to her chagrin that the blue planet earth not only offers a lot of beauty, but also has a lot of horror, suffering and grief in store. viversum astrologers can tell you more.

Many Pisces-born people only tolerate this realization to a limited extent: They then withdraw again and again into their inner dream landscapes in order to disappear completely into a sea of ​​fantasies and feelings.

In order for them to get along in reality, Pisces have to learn to differentiate themselves. Only then will they be able to fulfill their cosmic mission and help other people, especially in confused times Encouragement, comfort and compassion to stand by your side.

The Pisces woman - the peace-loving idealist

In the astrology all twelve zodiac signs are assigned very special equivalents. Symbolic images illustrate the respective character traits, behaviors and learning tasks from an astrological point of view. Who ticks how One look at the typology of a zodiac sign tells you immediately!

Typology for the Pisces woman

  • Period: February 20th to March 20th
  • Determining planet: Neptune
  • Determining element: water
  • Quality: agile, feminine
  • Temperament: phlegmatic
  • Colour: Purple, blue
  • Number: seven
  • Gemstones: Amethyst, aquamarine, carnelian
  • Landscapes: Ocean, space
  • Physical level: Feet
  • Season: End of winter
  • Archetype: the seer
  • Task: Dissolution, healing
  • Occupational fields: Pastoral care, healing arts, art trade, marine research
  • Purse: Suitable for everyday use, made of hard-wearing material with highlights made of glass beads or silver sequins
  • Shoes: light, well-made footwear; Strappy sandals
  • Jewelery / accessory: Glass beads in teardrop shape
  • Flower: orchid
  • Gift tip: everything an artist's heart desires - pastels, beautiful brushes

How can you please the Pisces woman? The Typology of giftshelps to read the Pisces woman's every wish. Also the others Zodiac Gemstones could make the Pisces lady shine, whether as a necklace or as a flatterer.

Simply typical fish! Properties of the dreamy watermark

Who in Pisces woman zodiac sign is usually highly sensitive. The Pisces ladies absorb energies and vibrations from the immediate environment like a sponge - which can seriously affect their emotional separation.

This is why they tend to show signs of fatigue or exhaustion much more quickly than other zodiac signs. People with a pronounced Pisces emphasis will always have a certain special role. Their motives for action are seldom subject to rational logic or a sophisticated master plan - fish often just get into situations that can suddenly change their entire life in a miraculous way.


Typical characteristics of the Pisces woman

  • Creative imagination: If there is one zodiac sign born to be an artist, it is Pisces. Because those who indulge in their own emotions so devotedly are predestined to channel their feelings in a creative and artistic way - regardless of whether as a painter, musician or poet.

  • Empathy and Compassion: Pisces are gifted soul comforters: always helpful, sensitive and incredibly discreet. You always have an open ear for the needs and worries of your fellow human beings, but you have to be careful not to let yourself be shamelessly exploited by others for sheer empathy.

  • Spiritual power: In every fish lies the wisdom of past existences and the knowledge that the world does not only consist of what you actually see, hear or taste. That is why fish repeatedly cross borders in order to leave the levels of the purely material behind - and to immerse themselves completely in the secrets of the cosmos.

The Pisces woman and her strengths

  • Helpfulness
  • dedication
  • Humility
  • patience
  • warmth

The Pisces woman has numerous other positive qualities. Do you want to know which ones? Then discover other strengths of the Pisces woman!

The Pisces woman and her weaknesses

  • Influenceability
  • Unworldliness
  • Over-sensitivity
  • Introversion
  • greenness

Knowing the weak points of your counterpart can make dealing with them a lot easier - then you just know what you're getting into. Find out what other weaknesses are inherent in the Pisces woman.

The Pisces woman at work

Creativity and compassion also play a big role in the professional life of the Pisces woman. She does not strive for a great career, what she achieves or can do with her work is much more important to her. The Pisces woman still likes to dream of the big coup. Your intuition could even lead you there - but then you have to show perseverance and be persistent.

Lack of stamina and lack of self-confidence could ultimately stand between the Pisces woman and her success. Pisces women also need enough space to develop their ideas. As Photographer or gallery owner the Pisces woman can inspire others to discover the wonderful world of fantasy.

Pisces women can show their compassionate, empathetic ways in care professions, as pastors or in medical professions. This shows how the Pisces woman performs in everyday working life, which hurdles she has to overcome and what successes she can record Career horoscope.


The Pisces woman and love

The Pisces woman is often surrounded by a strangely remote magic, by an enigmatic aura that exudes its very own, special charm. Especially in love, your devotion can be almost limitless, right up to the edge of self-abandonment. And their soul depth is so infinite that you will never be able to really fathom them - whereby the wishes of the partner are always in the foreground for them.

The Pisces woman has her very own vision of love, because at the bottom of her heart she dreams of complete merging with her lover. On the way there, the Pisces woman, as a single, also falls for charlatans or blenders, who bring their wishes and illusions back down to earth.

But once she has found the right partner and gives the Pisces woman a chance, her desire for all-embracing love in the here and now becomes a reality. There is no question that the Pisces woman in the relationship always provides surprises and new puzzles. It doesn't get boring there.

Anyone who has a Pisces woman as a partner is always asked to follow her into some fantasy world. In order to be able to respond perfectly to a Pisces lady and her heart's desires, there is Pisces love horoscope Providing information on how their lust and passion are doing.

The Pisces woman and the partner of your choice

Who will the Pisces woman choose? It is not that easy to conquer a Pisces woman. In any case, dull bores do not attract their attention. For the Pisces woman, a man should have that certain something that fascinates her and come close to the image of her dream prince.

With him, the Pisces woman must feel safe and secure. In bed, too, she relies entirely on it lots of feelings. The Sex horoscope the Pisces woman reveals that long, intense foreplay turns her on and turns her to wax in the arms of her partner. Romance is very important to the Pisces woman! You can find out more in our partner horoscope.

Which zodiac sign fits the Pisces woman?

  • The constant one Taurus man You have to put in a little more effort to win the heart of a Pisces lady, but once the two of them have fused together, nothing brings them apart.

  • Of a Scorpio man the Pisces woman feels addressed immediately. His exciting, mysterious aura casts a spell over her. He strengthens her back and sexually he can make some of her dreams come true.

  • A love dream comes true when the Pisces lady on you Cancer man meets. In him she finds her prince charming, the attraction is great. Even after years, the romance in this relationship will not wane.

Which Pisces woman's dream comes true and what awaits her in life is shown by the current one Daily horoscope the Pisces woman. And if the view is not enough for the day, you can find out in the Annual horoscopethe Pisces woman and numerous other topic-specific Horoscopesfor Pisces, what the next few months have in store for the imaginative watermark in work, love and health.

What does the future hold for you? Success at work or exciting moments in the relationship? Use your free call and ask an astrologer! “To the astrologers