Would you kill me for $ 10

Translation of "öldürür mussün" in German

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10,000 dolar için beni Oil for you must?
İki milyon için John Wick'i Oil for you must?
Would you get John Wick for two million dollars kill?
Bu gece seni ekmek durumunda kalırsam beni Oil for you must?
We very much will you me want to kill- if I have to postpone this tonight?
Sana ait 10 milyon doları olan birini Oil for you must?
Yeterince para verseler, beni de Oil for you must?
Artık kalktığına brat, şu köpeği Oil for you must?
can you please this dog kill?
Kendini kurtarmak için bir anne ve kızı Oil for you must?
Would you be a mother and her child killto save yourself?
En kötü ne olabilir ki, onu Oil for you must?
What's the worst that can happen you bring him around?
Ama benimle mi gelirsin beni oraya geri mi götürsün yoksa Oil for you must bilemiyorum.
But I don't know if you'd come with me, or take me back there, or kill me.
Eğer sen Ölür bende arabanı kullanırsam beni Oil for you must?
If you were to die and I would drive your car, you would be me then kill?
Bana bir iyilik yapar beni bu yastıkla boğarak Oil for you must?
Will you do me a favor? Are you choking me with this pillow?
Deucalion beni öldürmeni istese Oil for you must?
If Deucalion asks you would you kill me
Oil door must be? Annemi öldürdüğün gibi?
Şimdi run beni Oil for you must?
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