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You can actually read the things that are really important on one hand. Health is something that is really important. Love. Time - with the children, parents, grandparents or friends. With the people who are close to your heart or who are good for you. In my opinion, time is such a precious commodity today. Because the world is turning faster and faster, more and more is defined by performance. Those who don't work according to scheme F fall behind. It's hard to get away from it all. The pressure is high. Too much is demanded and expected of us. We should be successful. Perfect parents anyway. We have to perform and deliver - and always, no matter when, no matter how we feel about it. But who actually says that? Who tells us that we have to do something? Because hand on heart: we don't really have to do anything. It is in our hands how we shape our life and it is worthwhile to escape this pull of performance and time pressure. It's worth it for ourselves, and ultimately it's worth it for everyone around us. Because if we are less stressed, we feel less pressured, then we have the opportunity to live, to live consciously, to lead a life that we enjoy, that we enjoy. Then we have time for nice moments - for us and with the children.

The pre-Christmas period is approaching in great strides. Probably the time of the year when the majority of people are under even more pressure than ever. All kinds of things want to be planned and organized - in addition to everyday tasks such as job, household and family. We want the most beautiful Advent wreath, the greatest Advent calendar, the perfect gift for X, Y and Z and of course everything should be great, beautiful, perfect and to the point on the holidays themselves. We rush through the shops with the aim of ticking off the list of errands as quickly as possible - completely forgetting to look to the left, right, in front of and behind us.

And that's exactly what the new Christmas campaign from Lidlthat it hits the point. If you look at the new spot, you can feel it, the big lump in your throat. Then maybe the tears run too. I was moved. The spot hit me right in the heart. Because yes, what you see there, that is so true, that is so real - from the middle of life. It shows how it shouldn't be and suddenly you know again: What is actually really important!
HERE goes to the new clip.



Every year in December you notice that the mood changes. At the beginning of Advent, people are still strolling through the Christmas market with a smile and (in the best case) hooked, or strolling through the city, everything will be different from mid-December. Dark expressions - no matter where you look. Nobody pays attention to the other anymore. People are pushing and shoving, grumbling and looking straight ahead. Hardly anyone smiles anymore. The Advent season is the time of love and contemplation. It seems as if the anticipation has evaporated. Path. As if the Grinch himself was crouching behind most of the people. Sure, I can understand that too. As I said, the pressure. I also know it from myself that I tend to lose my smile in stressful times. Logical. That's it, this suction - and then you often don't even know how to or how to get out of it.


It often helps to pause for a moment. A moment of reflection. What am I doing here, why am I so stressed, isn't there another way? Yes, there is another way!
Namely when you a) take the pressure off and b) remember the things that are really important! Because it is not only good for me or you, it also has a positive effect on your surroundings and other people. As parents in particular, we have a hard time. We want our children to be happy. And yet we often forget that it's the very little things that make them happy. There is no need for a mass of gifts and, in relation to Christmas, there is no need for a huge festive meal with perfectly folded napkins and starched tablecloths. Children are happy when you give them the magic of Christmas. Small rituals, time together for beautiful things - such as baking, listening to stories and waiting for the Christmas bell on Christmas Eve.

Lidl has been pretty emotional with its new one Christmas clip(HERE) made exactly that the topic and asked himself: What is actually really important?

I don't want to reveal that much, but you should definitely check out the clip. He touches. But not only that, it also makes you think.

I was allowed to attend the premiere and of course I was very excited. Lidl has also invited two experts for this evening. The teaching sociologist Dr. Christine Carter from Berkeley and psychologist Scott B. Kaufman from New York. The two talked about how we can get rid of stress and what strategies there are to find a path that is good for you. One that you feel comfortable with.

“Take care of yourself!” Was a sentence that kept coming up. Take care of yourself, see that you are fine and if you notice that something or someone is not doing you well, then go ahead and change something. I found that very exciting and inspiring. I generally took a lot with me from the two lectures (including a very simple but effective exercise). Because if you are not doing well yourself, it carries over to everything - including family life. "Yes, how true!", I thought and nodded inwardly again and again in agreement.

I was allowed to conduct a short interview afterwards and would like to write you a detailed article with strategies and exercises very soon. Because it is often so simple and yet so far away - there is a lot that can be tackled and changed.