Which book do you like

I like the stars and what do you like

A book made for leafing through and talking about everything you love. It is well known that every child likes different things - books, for example, or playing football, small things, water, sleep, the color green or construction sites. The message behind this beautifully drawn cardboard picture book is simple but good: Children are different and so are the things they like. Loud, quiet, thoughtful, wild or shy children - everyone will find something for their own taste and many different counterparts in the drawings shown.

At the end the question is asked: “And what do you like?”, Which is used when reading aloud to list your own favorite things. The children shown come from different countries, like things against all role clichés and consistently convey a nice feeling: You are unique and what you like is good. And what others like too. There is no rating and so everyone can relax and enjoy what is right for them.
Only the price of € 13.40 for Austria seems a bit too high to me.
Definitely a favorite book for us as parents and the child.

Constanze von Kitzing:I like ... swinging, painting, soccer, noise (Carlsen)

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