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6 signs your date is interested in a serious relationship

Sex and the City is a true classic and one of our favorite series that we could watch over and over again. We still have a very specific lesson from actress Cynthia Nixon aka "Miranda Hobbes" in our ears that will calm all women who despair over the question of why the guy suddenly marries this boring other woman: "Men are like taxis. When they are free and available, the lights go on. You wake up one day and decide that now you are ready to relax. And the next woman who comes by - boom, she's going to marry her."ย So we just have to catch him, that point in time when the light comes on, when men no longer have the feeling of missing out if they are seriously with a woman. But how do we know that we have caught exactly this guy whose "light" is shining right now and who would like to enter into a firm bond and partnership with us and not just let us take a ride in his taxi? We have to admit that this uncertainty often drives us crazy.We have taken a closer look at the signals for you and tell you whether you are the lady who gets in comfortably and doesn't get off again so quickly.๐Ÿ”

1. You get regular news

A flirt that does not start with a text message is (almost) unimaginable today. In a committed relationship, the short messages you send in between may no longer matter, but if you're just getting to know him, you should never ignore his seemingly casually sent messages. They often reveal what kind of relationship they really are. If he only ever makes signs that he wants sex with you, you can tell right at the beginning that this man is quite unable to relate and may only be looking for a short-term affair. Even if he calls in irregularly or constantly postpones or cancels your appointments, he is probably not interested in anything serious. But if he pays you serious compliments or sends you funny videos, their only goal is to cheer you up. Even if they are trivial things like a sticker with a cat hugging a big heart

2. He becomes jealous

We have to admit that we men who fight for us and show a bit of jealousy are pretty hot. And not only that, if your date is jealous of your stories with your male colleagues, it is a sign that they really just want to keep you to themselves and don't want to share you with anyone. Up to a certain point, this behavior is pretty cute too. However, if he freaks out at little things or insults you or your friends, this is an indication that he is suffering from aggression problems and that this could also cause problems in the future. In such a case, you have to listen to your gut instinct and, if necessary, draw a line if his behavior escalates.

3. He wants to introduce you to his parents

Sure, you get to know the family of your best friends occasionally, but mostly on the side, after all, you don't take every man into your private environment with you. Does your lover really want to persuade you to have dinner with his parents? Beware, it seems that real heart palpitations and real feelings are involved here! It's no longer a pure bed story between you and he certainly doesn't see you as just an affair. Nor does he have nightmares at the thought of meeting his future in-laws. The very idea of โ€‹โ€‹it makes him happy and that tells more about his intentions. He also masters your girlfriends, who grind him, without any problems. These are all signs that he has probably fallen in love with you and will soon confess his love and feelings to you. If he instead keeps avoiding this topic and doesn't even want to introduce you to his best buddy, you can imagine that you haven't really piqued his interest and that he doesn't want a relationship with you right now.

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4. You seem accepted for who you are

Ladies, we've known for a long time, but the opposite sex (like some things) sometimes takes a little longer. It's not always about the big picture, it's often the little things that make people particularly lovable: the coffee they bring to your bed in the morning or watch your favorite series with you, although they prefer to play Playstation with their boys would play. As teenagers, men often look first at the external appearance of a potential girlfriend, then at the character. At least a decade and several relationships later, the gentlemen noticed that a dream woman is mainly made up of the small positive qualities and quirks. So if your loved one loves you for that, then it is an indication that he has (finally!) Understood that these things fulfill you much more than a gorgeous look.

5. He has the same interests as you

Oh yes, how nice it is to have the same interests and hobbies and by that we don't just mean the hot bed story between you. Being on the same wavelength not only makes boring everyday life easier, but above all helps when important decisions have to be made and he would like to exchange ideas with you. If you and your husband are even more similar in character than in your interests, he too has recognized the importance. If he keeps mentioning how great he thinks it is that you think the same way as he does, it is a sign that he has fallen in love with you. He notices that you are completing it. The phrase "opposites attract" may be true, but it usually doesn't work so well in the long run.

6. He admits it

Even if it sounds easier than done: Before you rack your brains for days, take one test after the other online and live with the fear that he is not interested at all, the easiest way is to speak plain text. Ask him directly if he can imagine a strong bond with you, because this is the only way you will find out whether he has a fear of commitment or is really in love with you. But be prepared to receive an honest and, above all, direct answer - no matter how it turns out. You have to be prepared for the fact that it all ends emotionally and lovesickness could hit you around the corner. If he says he's not ready for a steady relationship, but casual dating is still out of the question for you, it will likely end in a breakup. Give him some time. It may be that through the break he realizes that he misses you and he cannot do without you. In such a case, he will contact you and will want nothing more than to be with you firmly. He will notice that you are the love of his life and will never let go of you.

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